Undergraduate Courses

The Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences has previously offered two specialty courses with a focus on diversity. These include PSYC 366 Multicultural Psychology (WR) offered every year, and PSYC 414 African American Psychology (WR).

Graduate Courses

The Clinical program in the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences offers graduate courses focused on diversity issues. Register now for PSYC 687 Cultural Diversity in Psychology this fall. This course is recommended for all clinical graduate students and others with the permission of the instructor.


Dr. Monnica Williams has been conducting research in the area of African American mental health, obsessive-compulsive disorder, cultural competence in therapy, and the relationship between ethnic identity and psychopathology. Students interested in assisting with research projects in these areas are encouraged to contact Dr. Williams.

Prospective Graduate Students

Dr. Williams is currently seeking new clinical graduate students with an interest in ethnic minority psychology. Graduate students will have the opportunity to conduct psychopathology research about ethnic minorities, attend relevant conferences, and receive clinical training working with this population. Interested students are encouraged to contact Dr. Williams before applying to the Graduate Program to discuss their interest.