Equipment Purchases

The ProCard may be used when ordering components that will comprise a piece of equipment ($1000.00 or more) when assembled. The ordering department will maintain a record containing the vendor, description of the item, date purchased and the payment amount of the item. The originating department will submit the Component Purchases form to Inventory Control. Inventory Control will review the submitted form and the equipment, assign an inventory control barcode tag number and forward the form with the tag number to the department. It is the responsibility of the department to properly record the transactions using the appropriate equipment account and notify Inventory Control via the form, when the piece of equipment is completed/assembled.

The same procedure will apply to equipment items totaling $1000.00 or more. The originating department will complete the Equipment Purchased on ProCard form and submit to Inventory Control.

In either of these cases, failure to submit the form to Inventory Control will result in the piece of equipment not being covered by the university's insurance policy and could lead to an audit finding.

This policy cannot be utilized to circumvent purchases of items from University contracts or for split purchases.