Apply for a ProCard

  • To receive a card, you must be an employee of the University of Louisville, the University of Louisville Athletic Association, or the University of Louisville Research Foundation. Temporary employees are not eligible to receive a ProCard.
  • Each potential cardholder, reconciler, and approver must pass the ProCard Test on Blackboard with a score of 100% before completing the ProCard application.
  • Each Reconciler must also complete the PeopleSoft training.  Note:  The cardholder can be the reconciler for his/her own card, but cannot be the approver.
  • Approvers who would like to view reallocations and approve transactions in PeopleSoft should complete the PeopleSoft training class.  Approvers who do not want PeopleSoft access should complete the Blackboard test, then submit the Non-PeopleSoft Approver Request Form.  A card with a Non-PeopleSoft Approver must also have a reconciler/reallocator.
    Reminder: It is critical that all approvers review and sign the monthly hard copy documentation (Transaction Summary Log, receipts,  bank statement) by the 15th of the month.
  • Complete and sign the Card Application/Cardholder Agreement (print from University Reports one day after completing application in PeopleSoft), identifying cardholder, reconciler and approver.  Approvers and reconcilers indicated on the ProCard application(s) should have already passed the Blackboard Test and completed the PeopleSoft training class (if the approver wants access to PeopleSoft).
  • The Responsible Party for the Chartfield, Director/Department Chair and Vice-President/Dean (not required for School of Medicine) must approve and sign the application/agreement.
  • Forward the signed forms to the ProCard Office - Houchens LL05.  Once the ProCard Office receives the completed paperwork, the new card will arrive within 3-5 business days.
  • The ProCard Office will notify the cardholder when the card is available for pick-up. The cardholder must receive the ProCard in person or complete a proxy form designating another individual . See ProCard pick-up hours.  Cards not picked up after three (3) months will be canceled.
  • The cardholder must sign the back of the card immediately upon receipt and call the telephone number indicated to activate the card.

All cards that have had no activity for twelve (12) continuous months will be canceled.  (The cardholder, reconciler, and approver will be notified by email before the card is canceled.)