Upper-Class Community

At the University of Louisville, Housing and Residence Life is truly one of a kind.  We are growing by leaps and bounds in an unprecedented manner to offer students a wide variety of living arrangements.  We’ve partnered with private community housing developers to offer many new Affiliated properties for our students.


  • Designed ideally as independent living for 2nd year and higher students
  • Landlord/Tenant Lease
  • Managed by private companies
  • Short walk from apartment to campus
  • Feels like apartments that are in town with amenities such as pools, exercise rooms, movie rooms, and club houses
  • Full apartments with private bedrooms, baths and kitchens.
  • Check out our comparison chart of all our upper class options.

Independent Living

  • The lease signed is for 12 months and each student will be held to the lease.  There may be buy out options available; ask before signing the lease.
  • Public landlord/tenant laws are in place and utilized by the community
  • Rules within the apartment and on-site are primarily concerned with safety and care of the community; social rules are primarily up to the residents
  • Roommate conflicts are left to the residents to work out; not the staff for the community

Tenant Rights and Responsibilities

As a renting tenant, you have the expectation to be provided a safe and secure environment.  We recommend you read more on our Tenant Rights and Responsibilities page.

You can review the safety features of each property.

Our Upper Class Community

Bellamy: 502-634-5996

Cardinal Towne: 502-475-5000

Province: 502-636-1688

The Arch: 502-636-0656

Located Downtown near the Medical-Dental Campus

Phoenix Place Apartments: 502-582-2801

The Quad: 502-515-2489 (option 3)