Roberson Fund

Roberson Fund for African Studies University of Louisville Distributions from the Fund will be used primarily to benefit students and faculty of University of Louisville who are engaged in scholarly study in and/or about, or learning exchanges (from either direction), with countries of Africa, particularly Northern Ghana. Appropriate uses might include (in order of priority): a. Support for a student or students participating in Sister Cities of Louisville/Sister Cities of Tamale-sponsored or affiliated programs, such as the Sister Cities Summer Internship Program in Tamale, Ghana. b. Support for exchanges and cooperative projects between the University of Louisville and the University of Development Studies (UDS) in Ghana. This could include support both for participants from the U of L and participants from UDS. c. Support for a student or students traveling to Ghana (particularly Northern Ghana) or some other African country on an accredited study abroad program as a part of their degree work in a program of the University of Louisville. d. Support for University of Louisville graduate or undergraduate students from Ghana, particularly Tamale or the Northern Region. e. Support for departmental or inter-departmental research or service projects related to Africa, particularly Northern Ghana. f. Support for faculty research or instruction related to Africa, including support for travel to Africa. g. Purchase of books or serials for Ekstrom Library related to instruction or research about Africa, particularly books and serials published in an African country. Applicants are to submit an application form and support documents electronically. Proposals must also include a detailed budget. Candidates receiving funds must agree to submit a report on the project/experience within two (2) months after their return. Application deadline for Roberson Fund is Friday, March 10, 2023 by 12:00 PM Review timetable: Proposals due-- 3/10/23, Notification mid-April 2023. For applications and further information, contact Dr. Elizabeth Liebschutz, Office of Study Abroad and International Travel, University of Louisville at Deadline: Applications for grants must be received at the International Center by March 10, 2023. Name: Employee/Student ID: Department: Building/Room Number: Telephone: Fax: Purpose: E-mail: Country: Travel Dates: Conference: Exchange Program: Estimated Travel Budget: Other Sources of Funding: Airfare: Accommodation(s): Registration Fee: Other: Other: Total: Total: Please attach the following supporting documentation: Faculty/Staff: 2-5 page proposal (double spaced, 12 pt. font, 1 inch margins) detailing how your research project or faculty-led group program fulfills one or more of the funding priorities. If working at a university or research institute abroad, attach a letter of invitation from sponsor or collaborator. Students: 1-2 page proposal (double-spaced, 12 pt. font, 1 inch margins) detailing how your project or study abroad program fulfills one or more of the funding priorities. One letter of support from a faculty member. Faculty/Staff Applicant Signature: Student Application Signature: Signature: ____________________________________ Signature: _________________________________ Chair/Dean: ___________________________________ Academic Advisor: __________________________

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