General Travel Information

The safety of all UofL travelers to international destinations is our utmost concern. The Office of Study Abroad & International Travel continues to monitor the developments of COVID-19. We are partnering with our campus community, international travel insurance provider, and third-party providers to make the best, most informed decisions possible. Our office provides guidance for all UofL employees and students on best practices for study abroad and other UofL-affiliated international travel during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Current status of travel

UofL is operating under the standard International Travel Policy. This policy and our procedures are based on US Department of State (DOS) and Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) advisory levels. The CDC reassesses each country's COVID advisory level weekly. 

Learn more about government travel advisories.

Under the International Travel policy, normal travel is permitted to locations where all DOS  and CDC travel advisories are at a Level 2 or below. However, the following conditions apply:

Appeals are permitted to locations that are a CDC or DOS  Level 3 or 4. The same conditions as above apply plus:

  • Students are not permitted to appeal to destinations that are a CDC Level 3 or State Department Level 4 for a reason other than COVID. 
  • The CDC verbiage for Level 3 or 4 locations advises that travelers should be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 before travel. Therefore, our office will ask travelers to divulge their vaccination status as part of their appeal. 
  • Employee appeal instructions
  • Student appeal instructions (research and co-op students, email )
  • Group trips: appeal process similar to that of employees. Email for more information.

More COVID Information

For more information on COVID and travel, please see our COVID FAQs, COVID Travel Health & Safety Information, and COVID Resources.