Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

We provide support and services to the University of Louisville community by serving as a liaison between UofL and the world. We facilitate international educational experiences that provide opportunities for international study, research, or practical experiences outside of the United States. These enriching experiences foster critical thought, intellectual and social growth, knowledge and experiences for professional success, and responsible global citizenship.

University of Louisville Education Abroad Describing Words


Education abroad and international experiences inspire the university community to:

  • Develop Independence, self-confidence and flexibility
  • Achieve clarity about personal values and future goals
  • Understand views and perspectives held by others
  • Obtain an appreciation of differences among cultures while fostering cultural sensitivity and empathy
  • Enrich students’ general education and knowledge acquisition
  • Acquire foreign language skills
  • Cultivate life skills needed to become thoughtful, competent, and engaged global citizens
  • Affect positive change in the world, both locally and globally
  • Communicate their global experiences to encourage others