Program Review

The program review process is one of a few processes that motivate the formation of outcomes for the department’s, and by proxy the division’s, assessment plan by evaluating the degree to which a department aligns with external expectations. How these external expectations are established is dictated by which type of program review the departments choose to undergo.

Goals for Program Reviews

The goal of any program review must be to evaluate the extent to which the operations and services of our departments align with external expectations. This requires that areas of misalignment as well as areas of alignment are identified. Where there is misalignment, a plan of action must be implemented to realign with external expectations.


Each department in the division will undergo a regular program review (ideally at least every five years) under the direction of the Director of Planning and Assessment (i.e., SP&A;). Variation in this timeline will be determined based on need (e.g., departments that house multiple functional areas may undergo more frequent program reviews to assess individual contributions of a specific functional area).

Below please find a schedule of past and future program reviews for the departments (and functional areas) in Student Affairs.


Next Review

Previous Review

Past Reviews

University Housing and the Resident Experience


Summer 2022

Summer 2016

Fall 2005


Summer 2022

Fall 2008

Fall 2005


Summer 2022

Fall 2005

University Career Center

Spring 2023

Spring 2004

Fall 2003

University of Louisville Counseling Center



Summer 2016, Fall 2012

Dean of Students

Spring 2025

Spring 2020

Student Care and Conduct

Title IX/ ADA

Disability Resource Center

Spring 2025

Spring 2020

Spring 2015,Fall 2012, Spring 2008

International Student and Scholar Support Services

Fall 2023

Campus Recreation

Fall 2022

Summer 2016

Fall 2011 ,Fall 2007 ,Fall 2001

Office of Student Involvement

Spring 2025

Spring 2020

Fall 2011

Commuter Student Service

Spring 2025

Greek Life

Spring 2025

International Service Learning Program

Spring 2025

Fall 2007

Leadership and Service

Spring 2025

Spring 2015

Spring 2015-2009 Follow Up , Summer 2009,Fall 2007

National Student Exchange Program

Not Applicable^

Office of Study Abroad and International Travel

Spring 2024

Student Activities Center

Summer 2022

Spring 2012 - 2007 Update

Spring 2007

TRiO/ Student Support Services

Summer 2023

Spring 2018

Vice President for Student Affairs

Spring 2023

Spring 2011

^program no longer active or under the purview of the Division of Student Affairs