Outcome Assessment Reports (OARs)

Following the procedures set forth by the Office of Institutional Effectiveness (IE) regarding Outcomes Assessment, SP&A coordinates the Outcome Assessment Report (OAR) submission process for the Division of Student Affairs annually.

OAR Process

Step 1 (Early Summer 1): Identify the goals to measure progress towards every year.
Step 2 (Early Summer 1): Use the Assessment Plan to determine the methods of evaluating these goals.
Step 3 (Duration of Academic Year): Collect data and/or evidence for measuring goals, implement desired processes, and track findings.
Step 4 (Early Summer 2): Synthesize findings and implement appropriate action plans (leading to Step 1 for the next reporting cycle).
Step 4.5 (Early-Mid Fall 2): SP&A pulls any necessary data for reporting (e.g., retention, statistical analyses, academic performance).
Step 5 (Early-Mid Fall 2): Complete report, submit to SP&A, and address any necessary revisions.
Step 6 (Mid Fall 2): SP&A submits finalized reports to IE.

OAR Process Notes

  • To increase the ease of reporting the Student Affairs Assessment Plans are modeled after the OAR.
  • Student Affairs Assessment Committee Members are responsible for completing the OAR.
  • Student Affairs tracks their data on a Summer to Summer cycle (i.e., May Commencement to May Commencement).
  • Deviations from the Summer to Summer timeline are permitted when data reporting standards or protocols require an alternative timeline.