Assessment Committee

In the Division of Student Affairs, we approach assessment as a collaborative process, engaging subject matter experts in every step to ensure that assessment is not burdensome but an integrated part of our programs and services. We do this through regular meetings with our Assessment Committee.

Composition (11 members, 1 chair)

At least one member from each of the departments in the division of student affairs.

The departments represented currently are (with representative names listed next to their respective department):
  • Campus Housing (Tina Belcher, Catherine Wibbel)
  • Career Center (Bill Fletcher)
  • Counseling Center (Dr. Geeta Gulati)
  • Dean of Students (Samantha MacKenzie)
  • Disability Resource Center (Colleen Martin)
  • Intramurals and Sports Recreation (John Smith)
  • International Student and Scholar Services (Janice Kim)
  • SAC and Special Programs (Brittany Wildman)
  • Student Involvement (Kathy Meyer, Olive Dreckman)
  • Study Abroad and International Travel (Rebecca Dixon)
  • TRIO/Student Support Services (Kristina Lynch)
  • Title IX and ADA (Sarah Mudd)

One Chair (Kate Roessler, Director of Planning and Assessment)


The diverse and far reaching nature of the division mandates that individuals closely involved in each department are monitoring and overseeing assessment efforts in each department. A committee is needed to coordinate and track all assessment efforts in the division of Student Affairs.


The Student Affairs Assessment Committee is responsible for:
  • Developing assessment plans specific to each department
  • Monitoring progress and adjusting assessment plans as warranted
  • Communicating with the assessment chair, as well as other members of student affairs, of any difficulties encountered in the course of implementing an assessment plan
  • Coordinating and submitting Student Affairs Annual Reports as well as Outcome Assessment Reports (OARs).
  • Serving as points of contact for assessment related matters including but not limited to: collaborations, data collection, report submission, report revision, general inquiries


Committee members will report directly to the Assessment Chair who will in turn report to the Assistant to the Vice President and the Vice President of Student Affairs. In addition, committee members will be responsible for communicating pertinent information back to their respective Directors and colleagues

Committee Meetings

Committee meetings are held monthly.

Meeting Structure

Meetings begin with each department reporting on their ongoing or upcoming assessment efforts. The remainder of the meeting addresses an assessment related topic.