Judith Danovitch, PhD

Professor of Psychological & Brain Sciences

Director of Undergraduate Studies


  • PhD Psychology, Yale University, 2005
  • AB Psychology and Biology, Harvard University, 2000

    Research Interests

    How preschool and elementary school children seek out and evaluate information; How children think about information sources, including the internet

    Recent Representative Publications

    Girouard-Hallam, L. N, & Danovitch, J. H. (2022). Children’s trust in and learning from voice-assistants. Developmental Psychology, 58, 646-661.

    Mills, C. M., Danovitch, J. H., Mugambi, V., Sands, K., & Monroe, A. (2022). Cognitive reflection and authoritarianism relate to how parents respond to children's science questions. Developmental Psychology, 58, 417-424.

    Mills, C. M., Danovitch, J. H., Mugambi, V., Sands, K., & Pattisapu Fox, C. (2022). “Why do dogs pant?”: Characteristics of parental explanations about science predict children’s knowledge. Child Development, 93, 326-340. Open access link

    Tong, Y., Wang, F., Danovitch, J. H., & Wang, W. (2022). When the internet is wrong: Children’s trust in an inaccurate internet or human source. British Journal of Developmental Psychology, 40, 320-333.

    Williams, A. J. & Danovitch, J. H. (2022). Is what Mickey Mouse says impossible? Informant reality status and children’s beliefs in extraordinary events. Journal of Cognition and Development, 23, 323-33.

    Danovitch, J. H., Mills, C. M., Duncan, R. G., Williams, A. J., & Girouard, L. N. (2021).  Developmental changes in children’s recognition of the relevance of evidence to causal explanations. Cognitive Development, 58, 101017. Open access link

    Danovitch, J. H., Mills, C. M., Sands, K., & Williams, A. J. (2021). Mind the gap: How incomplete explanations influence children’s interest and learning behaviors. Cognitive Psychology, 130, 101421. Open access link

    Girouard-Hallam, L. N, Streble, H. & Danovitch, J. H. (2021). Children’s mental, social, and moral attributions towards a familiar digital voice-assistant. Human Behavior & Emerging Technologies, 3, 1118-1131. Open access link

    Williams, A. J., Danovitch, J. H., Mills, C. M. (2021). Exploring sources of individual differences in children’s interest in science. Mind, Brain, and Education, 15, 67-76.

    Danovitch, J. H. & Lane, J. (2020). Children’s belief in purported events: When claims reference hearsay, books, or the internet. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 193, 104808.

    Tong, Y., Wang, F., & Danovitch, J. H. (2020). The role of epistemic and social characteristics in children’s selective trust: Three meta-analyses. Developmental Science, 23, e12895

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