Glenn "boomer" Trujillo

Assistant Professor (Term)


boomer trujillo latches on to philosophical problems surrounding the good life, especially ones impacted by contemporary technologies or social practices. Usually this means that he is applying the ideas of Ancient Greek philosophers, especially Aristotle, to problems they hadn't fully considered. boomer tries his best to read promiscuously across disciplines and write clearly, all while balancing rigor and engagement. But he'll let you be the judge. He'd recommend checking out "The Friends of Sisyphus: Or, the Meanings Relationships Give Us" or "From Taquería to Medical School: Juan Carlos, Aristotle, Cognitive Enhancements, and a Good Life."

Currently, boomer is developing a book on the virtue of playfulness and why it's necessary for living well. He thinks that humans must face leisure time well to live well, especially if they want to develop virtuous selves and just communities. And playfulness is the best way to accomplish this.

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