Electron Microscopy & Imaging

Scanning Electron Microscope

Thermo Fisher Apreo C LoVac Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) with high- and low-voltage ultra-high resolution capabilities, variable pressure, Back-scattered detector (BSD), Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy (STEM) Detector and Energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDS) Detector.

SEM Sputter Coater

Cressington 108 Manual Sputter Coater. Gold and Gold-Palladium target are available.

Leica UC7 Ultramicrotome

  • Adjustable cutting window (0.3-15mm) and cutting speed (0.2-90mm/s wheel controlled)
  • 360° rotatable knife block
  • Knife holder for 6-12mm knives
  • Top/back light LED Illumination
  • Magnification: S4E: 10X-48X

Transmission Electron Microscope

Hitachi HT7700 Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM)

  • 120 kV compact-digital Biological transmission electron microscope.
  • User-friendly electron microscope that can be used in a lighted room.
  • Fully digital, so samples can be scanned simply be viewing a computer screen. This is particularly important for viewing low contrast samples.
  • Associated software allows user to track the regions of tissue that have been viewed.

Atomic Force Microscopes

  • Asylum MFP-3D-Bio AFM + accessories: Liquid cell option for biomaterials, temperature and vibration control.
  • Asylum MFP-3D Conductive AFM

Thermal Imaging System

Quantum Focus Instruments (QFI) mid-wave thermal imaging system for capturing thermal images and video of devices featuring 0.1°C temperature and 5 um spatial resolutions.