Hardship Grant Committee

This page contains information regarding the Hardship Grant Committee and application process.

The House Staff Council has established a hardship grant in order to assist residents in need. This grant is designed to give residents reprieve in the event of financial adversity. The resident must submit an application. The House Staff Council will determine if they are eligible for the grant. This is another small step the House Staff Council has taken to make sure the residents successfully master their career goals.

Application Deadline

The application form, 250 word personal statement, and program director form must be submitted to the House Staff Council no later than then the date specified by the House Staff Council.

Submission Deadline to be determined. Forward all required documents electronically to Jennifer Hall, jennifer.hall.1@louisville.edu in the GME Office.

Selection Process

After the submission deadline, a 4-member, designated committee comprised of house staff council representatives will review all applications. Notification of grant recipients will take place in January.


  1. You must be a house staff member enrolled in a graduate training program at the University of Louisville, School of Medicine to be eligible.
  2. The resident must be in good standing in the training program.
  3. Applicants must demonstrate significant financial need.
  4. Applications must be submitted in their entirety by posted deadline.
  5. Submitted all completed documents via email to Jennifer Hall in the Office of Graduate Medical Education. Contact number is 502-852-7618.

Award Amount

Historically, 6 awards of $500.00 have been awarded annually, however, the House Staff Council retains the right to adjust the award amounts contingent on House Staff Council approval.