Auxiliary Committee

A social group that brings UofL residents and their families together for support and camaraderie.

The purpose of this group is to ease families into resident life as they continue their journey towards a promising career and future. Our family support services were initiated in 2006 by Stacy Patel, wife of Hejal Patel, former House Staff Council President.

Stacy Patel understood the difficulties of moving across the country for her husband to continue his education and start his work experience towards their future. With the backing of the House Staff Council, Stacy began assisting resident families in building relationships and finding local programs that helped make Kentucky a great experience.

This committee meets once a month where spouses and significant others come together for support and camaraderie with other resident families. It is always helpful to be around others who experience similar issues as yourself and your family.

Visit our Facebook page and  "like us" .    If you have any questions please contact President - Stephanie Fischer at