Directions to Submit Annual WorkPlans

Completed Annual Work Plans for all department faculty are due to the Office of Faculty Affairs and Advancement no later than January 31ST of each year.  Submission of these annual work plans will need to be turned in separately for each faculty member through the Interfolio template named “Annual Work Plan Submission”

When uploading the document please name the uploaded file as LastName, FirstName - Year AWP – Dept Name (example: Paul, Ron - 2022 AWP - Pediatrics)

    • Revised AWPs that are submitted should include the revised date at end of file name, so date of revision is clear. (example: Paul, Ron - 2022 AWP - Pediatrics - Revised 031622)

Graphic using the words, Please be sure to check these key components of the AWP before submission:

  • FTE information is fully completed at the top right corner.
    • If the faculty member is 0.82 FTE, then be sure they are listed as such, not 1.0.
    • If the faculty member has a joint or decanal appointment(s) be sure that is noted and that information is then conveyed appropriately on the form on page 2.
  • Tenure track faculty need to have a minimum of 20% work assigned in Research.
  • An area of excellence has been selected. (Clinical Service, Teaching, or Research)
    • This needs to be at least 20% of the work plan assigned
  • Signatures for both the Department Chair and the faculty member are included.