Rotation Schedule PGY-3

12 months of outpatient psychiatry at the following sites:

  • HCOC - UofL Physicians outpatient clinic
  • VA - 3 local outpatient clinics
  • Various combinations of 3 month rotations can be accommodated if residents have preferences for their outpatient sites
  • Half day per week dedicated to continuity therapy clinic
  • Specialty outpatient clinic at the HCOC include geriatrics, Suboxone, bipolar disorder, psycho-oncology and telepsychiatry clinics


Actual PGY-3 Schedules for 2020-2021


All months are on service outpatient (psychiatry months)
HCOC - University of Louisville Health Care Outpatient Center outpatient psychiatric month (academic setting)
VAOP - Veterans Affairs outpatient psychiatric month (VA setting)

More information on HCOC specialty clinics:

Monday afternoon - Geriatrics clinic
Tuesday afternoon - Suboxone and medication assisted treatment clinic for substance use disorders
Wednesday morning - Psycho-oncology clinic
Thursday afternoon - Bipolar disorder clinic
Friday afternoon - Telepsychiatry clinic