Grand Rounds

Our Academic hour sessions are held every Thursday (except the third Thursday of the month) from 11:30am-1:00pm. These sessions include review of recent journal articles, case discussions, morbidity and mortality conference, and grand rounds presentations. To join these presentations click here:


April 2nd, 2020                             Grand Rounds- “Telemedicine Quick Start”

11:30 a.m.- 1:00 p.m.                    Robert L. Caudill, M.D.
                                                   Director, Residency Training Program
                                                   Director, Telemedicine and Information Technology Programs
                                                   University of Louisville Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

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Learning Objectives:

  • Participants will learn the necessary elements for successful telemedicine program. They will also understand the regulatory and administrative barriers which have until recently delayed the widespread adoption of telemedicine practice. 
  • Attendees will be able to identify basic telemedicine skills that will help to facilitate the transfer of their clinical skills into a virtual environment.
  • Participants will be invited to envision ways in which current and developing technologies can be deployed or repurposed in service of the care of their patients.


Psychiatry Grand Rounds:


Until further notice, all Grand Rounds will be performed via teleconferencing.

Grand Rounds Presentations

Erik Rotterman, M.D. (PGY-4) (5/30/19)

David A. Casey, M.D., Professor and Chair (3/14/19)

Svetlana Famina, M.D. (PGY-4) (3/7/19)

Johnny Lawrence, M.D. (PGY-4) (2/7/19)

Quintin T. Chipley, M.A., M.D., Ph.D (Counseling Coordinator, HSC Campus, University of Louisville) (1/3/19) Video starts at 31-minute mark

Josh Moore, M.D. (PGY-4) (12/6/18) Video starts at 11-minute mark

Cheri A. Levinson, Ph.D. (Assistant Professor and Director of the Eating Anxiety Treatment Laboratory in the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences at the University of Louisville) (10/4/18)

Melissa Updike (Kentuckiana Medical Reciprocal Risk Retention Group) (9/6/18)

Rif El-Mallakh, M.D. (Professor) (8/2/18)

Erik Goodwyn, M.D. (Assistant Professor) (7/12/18)

Cuneyt Tegin, M.D. (PGY-4) (6/14/18)  (Presentation starts at 17 minutes)

Ron McGavic, M.D. (PGY-4) (5/24/18)

Carmen Pinto, M.D. (Assistant Clinical Professor) (5/10/18)

David A. Casey, M.D. (Professor & Chair) (4/5/18)

Eugene Owsley, M.D. (PGY-5 Addiction Fellow) (3/22/18)

Laura Romer, M.D.(PGY-4) (3/1/18)

Brian Hurley, MD, MBA, DFASAM (Asst Professor, UCLA) (2/15/18)

Daniel T. Jackson, M.D. (PGY-4) (2/1/18)

Hassan Khidr, MBBS (PGY-4) (1/11/18)

Mitesh Patel, M.D. (PGY-4) (12/7/17)

Scott Langenecker, Ph.D. - Part One (11/30/17)

Scott Langenecker, Ph.D. - Part Two (11/30/17)

Kate Comtois, Ph.D.- Part One (11/9/17)

Kate Comtois, Ph.D.- Part Two (11/9/17)

Christine Brady, Ph.D. (11/2/17)

Juan Pablo Galindo, M.D. (PGY-4) (10/12/17)

Sheldon Benjamin, M.D. (10/28/17)

Ramona Grewal, M.D. (PGY-4) (9/7/17)

Leslie S. Zun, M.D., M.B.A. (8/3/17)

Robert Caudill, M.D., Jessica Reis, M.D., Christy Castle-Greewell (7/6/17)

Haojiang Huang, M.D. (6/8/17)

Eugenia Brikker, M.D. (PGY-4) (6/1/17)

Steve Burton, M.D. (4/13/17)

Colleen Ryan, M.D. (4/6/17)

Benjamin Rigor, M.D. (3/30/17)

Johnny Lawrence, M.D. PGY-2 (3/23/17)

Derek Smith, M.D. PGY-4 (3/2/17)

Anjali Dhanda, M.D., PGY-4 (2/2/17) (starts at 4 minutes)

Zack Sager, M.D., PGY-4 (1/5/17) (starts at 10 minutes 50 seconds)

Willem Kuyken (10/19/16) part 1

Willem Kuyken (10/19/16) part 2

Michelle Riba, M.D., M.S., Professor, University of Michigan (9/18/2016)

Douglas Turkington, M.D. and Jesse Wright, Ph.D., M.D. (08/04/2016)

Kari DuBosque, M.D. (PGY-4) (06/02/2016)

NOTE: YouTube may not play this video, due to copyrighted content in the video.

David Redinger, M.D. (05/12/2016)

Caroline McDonald, D.O. (05/05/2016)

Mona Gupta, M.D., C.M., FRCPC, Ph.D., Psychiatrist, Centre Hospitalier de l'Unversite de Montreal (04/21/2016)

John McCurdy M.D. (04/07/2016)

David Moore, M.D. (04/14/2016)

Carmelita Tobias, M.D. (03/10/2016)

Sufian Ahmad, M.D. (03/03/2016)

Juan Pablo Galindo, M.D. (02/25/2016)

Chief Resident, Dr. Lee Schuhmann (02/04/2016)