2023-2024 Academic Hour

Our Academic hour sessions are held every Thursday (except the third Thursday of the month) from 11:30am-1:00pm. These sessions include review of recent journal articles, case discussions, morbidity and mortality conference, and grand rounds presentations. To join these presentations click here.  To view previous Grand Rounds, please visit the UofL Psychiatry channel.

2023-2024 Schedule

8/3/23: PRITE Review: Dr. Shah (Somatoform), Dr. Bonomo (Mood Disorders)
8/10/23: PRITE Review: Dr. Ruch (Sleep)
8/17/23: NONE (Faculty Meeting)
8/24/23: PRITE Review: Dr. Julien (Psychotherapy), Dr. Bashir (Gero)
8/31/23: GRAND ROUNDS: Dr. Waseem

9/7/23: PRITE Review: Dr. Patel (Neuroscience), Dr. Pennell (Psychotic Disorders)
9/14/23: PRITE Review: Dr. Abell (Addiction), Dr. Sleem (Pharmacology)
9/21/23: NONE (Faculty Meeting)
9/28/23: GRAND ROUNDS: Dr. Correll and France Foundation

10/5/23: GRAND ROUNDS: Dr. Joy
10/12/23: Journal Club
10/19/23: NONE (Faculty Meeting)
10/26/23: Journal Club

11/2/23: NONE (Recruitment)
11/9/23: Journal Club
11/16/23: NONE (Faculty Meeting)
11/23/23: NONE (Thanksgiving Holiday)
11/30/23: NONE (Recruitment)

12/7/23: Journal Club
12/14/23: GRAND ROUNDS: Drs. Sarathy and Fisher - Incel Community
12/21/23: NONE (Faculty Meeting)
12/28/23: Journal Club

1/4/24: Journal Club
1/11/24: TBD
1/18/24: NONE (Faculty Meeting)
1/25/24: TBD

2/1/24: TBD
2/8/24: GRAND ROUNDS: Dr. Trap
2/15/24: NONE (Faculty Meeting)
2/22/24: TBD
2/29/24: GRAND ROUNDS: Dr. Wang

3/7/24: GRAND ROUNDS: Dr. Gundumalla
3/14/24: GRAND ROUNDS: Dr. Good
3/21/24: NONE (Faculty Meeting)
3/28/24: GRAND ROUNDS: Dr. Ancha

4/4/24: GRAND ROUNDS: Dr. Summers
4/11/24: TBD
4/18/24: NONE (Faculty Meeting)
4/25/24: NONE (Clinical Skills Evaluations)

5/2/24: TBD
5/9/24: GRAND ROUNDS: Dr. Talpur
5/16/24: NONE (Faculty Meeting)
5/23/24: M&M
5/30/24: TBD

6/6/24: TBD
6/13/24: GRAND ROUNDS: Dr. Abbas
6/20/24: NONE (Faculty Meeting)
6/27/24: M&M