Rotation Schedule PGY-2

  • 2-5 months Inpatient (UofL, Norton, Central State Hospital)
  • 1-3 months Consult Service (UofL and Norton Hospital)
  • 2-3 months Night Float/EPS
  • 1 month Addiction Psychiatry (Residential program at the VA)
  • 1 month Geriatrics (Inpatient at The Brook or the VA)
  • 2 months Child and Adolescent (Inpatient at Norton Children's Hospital)

During the PGY2 year, residents begin seeing therapy patients in the outpatient clinic (1/2 day per week)


Actual PGY-2 Schedules for 2020-2021


All months are on service (psychiatry months)
UL - University of Louisville inpatient psychiatric month (academic hospital setting)
Norton - Norton Hospital inpatient psychiatric month (private hospital setting)
C/L ULH - University of Louisville psychiatric consult service month (academic hospital setting)
C/L Norton - Norton Hospital psychiatric consult service month (private hospital setting)
EPS/NF - Emergency psychiatry services month (stand-alone psychiatric Emergency Department at University of Louisville Hospital)
VA SAARP - Veterans Affairs Substance Abuse Recovery and Rehabilitation (stand-alone substance abuse treatment center with the VA)
VA-Gero - Veterans Affairs inpatient geriatric psychiatric month (VA setting)
Gero (red background) - The Brook specialized inpatient geriatrics psychiatric unit month (private psychiatric hospital setting)
Child - Norton Children's Hospital inpatient child and adolescent psychiatric unit month (private hospital setting)