Rotation Schedule PGY-1

6 month on service

  • Most interns will rotate on Psychiatry Consult and Emergency Psychiatry
  • Call schedule and weekend responsibilities vary by rotation
  • Half day per week dedicated for didactics in addition to Academic Hour Conference on Thursdays during lunch


6 months off service

  • 2 months of Internal Medicine
  • 2 months of Neurology
  • 1 month of Pediatrics
  • 1 month of Emergency Medicine or additional month of Pediatrics, if desired
  • Note: Schedules are approximate and may vary on individual basis
  • Call schedule and weekend determined by service, except Emergency Medicine month


Actual PGY-1 Schedules for 2020-2021


Months with black background - On service (psychiatry month)
UL - University of Louisville inpatient psychiatric month (academic hospital setting)
Norton - Norton Hospital inpatient psychiatric month (private hospital setting)
C/L ULH - University of Louisville psychiatric consult service month (academic hospital setting)
C/L Norton - Norton Hospital psychiatric consult service month (private hospital setting)
EPS - Emergency psychiatry services month (stand-alone psychiatric Emergency Department at University of Louisville Hospital)

Months with white background - Off service (non-psychiatry month)
Med-UL - University of Louisville internal medicine month (academic hospital setting)
VA Med - Veterans Affairs internal medicine month (VA setting)
Neuro - University of Louisville neurology consult service month (academic hospital setting)
ER - Medical Emergency Department month (at University of Louisville)
Peds - Outpatient pediatrics month