Pharmacology & Toxicology graduate students receive awards at Research!Louisville

Twenty-nine graduate students in the Pharmacology & Toxicology graduate program presented their research at Research!Louisville.  Five award winners:

Doctoral Basic Science Graduate Student Award

 3rd place:  Ashley Mudd

Modulation of Src, EGFR and the colon inflammatory environment by berry-derived anthocyanidans

Mentor: Ramesh Gupta

 2nd place:  Douglas Saforo

Tumor microenvironment mimetic culture aids isolation, expansion, and potency of tumor stromal progenitors from primary lung cancer reactions.

Mentors: Leah Siskind & Levi Beverly

1st place:  Joshua Royal

Epicertin, a cholera toxin B subunit variant, utilizes an ER retention signal to enhance intestinal wound healing via an unfolded protein response.

Mentor: Nobuyuki Matoba

Master’s Basic Science Graduate Student Award

2nd place:  Aaron Whitt

Paraoxonose 2 plays a critical role in non-small cell lung carcinoma proliferation

Mentor:  Chi Li, PhD 

1st place:  Matthew Dent

A novel lectin-Fc fusion protein with anti-cancer activity

Mentor: Nobuyuki Matoba, PhD