Former Faculty

Yandell, Lunsford Pitts Sr., M.D.1837-1855Professor of Chemistry, and Physiology and Pathological AnatomyPharmacy
Short, Charles Wilkin, M.D.1838-1851Professor of Materia Medica and Medical Botany, Dean of the Faculty, Professor EmeritusBotany
Rogers, Lewis, M.D.1852-1869Professor of Materia Medica and TherapeuticsClinical Medicine
Bemiss, Samuel M., M.D.1862-1863Professor of Materia Medica and Medical JurisprudencyGeneral Practice
Frazee, L. J., M.D.1866-1867Professor of Materia Medica and TherapeuticsGeneral Practice
Scott, Preston B., M.D.1867-1868Assistant Professor of Materia Medica and TherapeuticsGeneral Practice
Yandell, Lunsford Pitts, Jr., M.D.1868-1883Professor of Materia Medica and Clinical MedicinePediatrics and Medicine
Holland, James, W.H., M.D.1879-1883Professor of Materia Medica and Medicinal Chemistry, and Diseases of the Nervous SystemChemistry
Octerlong, John A., M.D.1870-1874Professor of Materia Medica and Therapeutics, and Clinical MedicineClinical Medicine
Warner, Geo M., M.D.1882-1897Professor of Materia Medica and TherapeuticsAnatomy
Anderson, Turner, M.D.1882-1883Demonstrator of Materia Medica and TherapeuticsGeneral Practice
Bailey, William, A. B., M.D.1885-1889Professor of Materia Medica and Therapeutics, and Public HygienePublic Health
Marshall, Edwing, M.D.1887-1889Assistant Professor of Materia MedicaInternal Medicine
Hendon, George A., M.D.1894-1895Instructor of Materia Medica and TherapeuticsGeneral Practice
Abell, W. L., M.D.1897-1898Instructor of Materia Medica and TherapeuticsGeneral Practice
Morrison, J. Rowan, M.D.1898-1901Instructor of Materia Medica and TherapeuticsGeneral Practice
Offutt, Vance, M.D.1899-1900Demonstrator in Lab. of Materia Medica and TherapeuticsGeneral Practice
McCarty, J. A., M.D.1900-1901Demonstrator in Lab. of Materia Medica and TherapeuticsGeneral Practice
Abell, Irvin, M.D.1901-1908Professor of Materia Medica and Therapeutics, and Genito-Urinary DiseasesSurgery
Leavell, High N., M.D.1904-1908Professor of Materia Medica and Therapeutics, and PediatricsPediatrics
Cottell, Henry A., M.D.1906-1916Professor and Chairman, Dept. of Physiology and Pharmacology, Professor EmeritusPhysiology
Simpson, Virgil E., M.D.1907-1923Professor of Materia Medica and TherapeuticsClinical
Doyle, Oscar W., M.D.1914-1921Adjunct Professor of TherapeuticsMedicine
Redmon, Edward C., M.D.1914-1921Adjunct Assistant Professor of PharmacologyClinical Medicine
Hayes, George, M.D.1915-1916Demonstrator in Lab. of PharmacologyGeneral Practice
Dyer, John W., M.D.1916-1920Instructor of PharmacologyMedicine
DeWeese, A. D., B.S.1918-1920Assistant of PharmacologyEducation
Barbour, Henry Gray, M.D.1923-1931Professor and Chairman, Department of Physiology and PharmacologyPhysiology; Inventor; and author of Experimental Pharmacology & Toxicology
Speidel, Frederick G., M.D.1923-1942Clinical Instructor of TherapeuticsGeneral Practice
Frankmann, Raymond W., M.D.1924-1926Assistant in PharmacologyGeneral Practice
Norland, Hulbert Viers, M.D.1925-1926Assistant in PharmacologyGeneral Practice
Beutner, Reinhard, M.D., Ph.D.1925-1934Professor of PharmacologyPhysical Chemistry
Csakey, M. W. A. B., Ph.D.1927-1934Instructor of Physiology and PharmacologyPhysiology
Hunter, L. G., M.D.1927-1928Assistant in Physiology and PharmacologyGeneral Practice
Flowers, A. Henry, A.B.1931-1932Assistant in Physiology and PharmacologyPhysiology
Howard, Mose W., M.D.1931-1932Student Assistant in PharmacologyGeneral Practice
Wakerlin, George E., M.D., Ph.D.1933-1935Professor and Chairman, Department of Physiology and PharmacologyPhysiology
Lawson, Hampden C., M.D., Ph.D.1934-1960Assistant Professor of Physiology and Pharmacology, Professor and Chairman, Department of PhysiologyBody fluids and Electrolytes
Ambrose, Anthony M., Ph.D.1939-1942Assistant Professor of PharmacologyPharmacy and Biochemistry
Lehmann, Gerhard, M.D.1939-1942Instructor of PharmacologyChemistry
Houchin, Boyd O., Ph.D.1946-1947Assistant Professor of PharmacologyBiochemistry
Malaf, Noble S. R., M.D., Ph.D.1947-1948Assistant Professor of PharmacologyTropical Medicine
Cantrell, William F., Ph.D.1949-1958Associate Professor of PharmacologyChemotherapy
Dillingham, William E., B.D.1949-1951Assistant in PharmacologyPublic Health; Industrial Hygiene
McIntosh, B. J., Ph.D.1949-1955Assistant Professor of PharmacologyAnesthesiology
Pedigo, George N., M.D.1949-1951Lecturer in TherapeuticsClinical Medicine
Hendon, James R., M.D.1951-1952Lecturer in TherapeuticsClinical Medicine
Telford, Jane, M.D.1952-1953Associate in PharmacologyGeneral Practice
Melletee, Henry C., Ph.D.1952-1953Instructor of PharmacologyPsychiatry
Brahen, Leonard F., Ph.D.1954-1955Instructor of PharmacologyPsychiatry
Cronen, Michael R., M.D.1954-1961Associate of PharmacologyInternal Medicine
Isbell, Harris, M.D.1956-1965Lecturer in Pharmacology and Psychosomatic ResearchNarcotic Pharmacology
Wikler, Abraham, M.D.1956-1965Lecturer in Pharmacology and Psychosomatic ResearchPsychiatry
Frazer, H. Frank, M.D.1956-1965Lecturer in PharmacologyPsychiatry
Martin, William R., M.D.1959-1965Lecturer in PharmacologyNarcotic Pharmacology
Despopoulos, Agameninon, M.D.1957-1962Research Assistant ProfessorRenal Pharmacology
LeFevre, Paul G., Ph.D.1960-1968Professor of PharmacologyMembrane Physiology
Peters, Alvin Alois, Sc.D.1961-1962Research Associate in PharmacologyStructure-activity relationships
Soda, Reisuke, Sc.D.1963-1964Instructor in PharmacologyChemistry
Kitao, Teijiro, Ph.D.1963-1965Associate in PharmacologyChemistry
Smith, Richard P., Ph.D.1963-1965Associate in PharmacologyPsychology
Essig, Carl F., M.D.1963-1964Lecturer in PharmacologyPsychiatry
Csaky, Tihamer Z., M.D.1964-1965Adjunct Professor of PharmacologyGastrointestinal Physiology
Gordon, Helmut A., M.D.1964-1965Adjunct Professor of PharmacologyMicrobiological Pharmacology
Motoyama, I., Ph.D.1965-1966Research AssociateChemistry
Klingele, Harold O., Ph.D.1965-1971Assistant Professor of PharmacologyChemistry
Alvarado, Francisco, M.D.1967-1968Associate Professor of PharmacologyPhysiology
Darby, Thomas D., Ph.D.1969-1973Professor and Chair, Department of PharmacologyCardiovascular and Autonomic Pharmacology and Toxicology
Nicholson, John A., Ph.D.1969-1975Assistant Professor of PharmacologyCardiovascular Pharmacology
Chan, Yun-lai, Ph.D.1972-1974Instructor of PharmacologyRenal Pharmacology
Short, Harold J., Ph.D.1974-1975Assistant Professor of PharmacologyChemistry
Carr, Edward A., M.D.1974-1976Professor and Chairman, Department of PharmacologyClinical Pharmacology
Dinno, Mumtaz A., Ph.D.1974-1979Research AssociatePhysiology and Biophysics
Cranston, Joseph, Ph.D.1975-1976Assistant Professor of PharmacologyDrug Metabolism
Gorodetzky, Charles W., M.D., Ph.D.1981-1993Adjunct Professor of Pharmacology and ToxicologyPsychiatry
Jasinski, Donald, M.D.1981-1983Adjunct Professor of Pharmacology and ToxicologyPsychiatry
Richman, Stephan P., M.D.1981-1988Associate Professor of Pharmacology and ToxicologyImmunopharmacology
Ramp, Warren K., Ph.D.1982-1991Professor of Pharmacology and Toxicology; Professor of Oral BiologyCalcium Metabolism
Huang, Kee Chang M.D., Ph.D.1956-1998Assistant, Associate, Full Professor, Professor Emeritus; Acting ChairmanPharmacology of Chinese Herbs, Renal Tubular Transport
Knoefel, Peter K., M.D1935-1999Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Professor, Chair, Department of Pharmacology; Professor and Chair EmeritusAnesthetics, Radiopague Diagnostic Agents, Poisonous venoms
Tamburro, Carlo H., M.D., M.P.H.1982-1999Associate Professor, Professor, Division Chief, Occupational ToxicologyOccupational and Environmental Toxicology; Biomarkers; Hepatology
Woodcock, Thomas M., M.D.1980-1999Associate Professor, Professor, Adjunct ProfessorMedical Oncology
Gordon, Helmut A., M.D.1971-1999Adjunct Professor, Adjunct Professor EmeritusGnotobiology, host-microflora interactions, antibiotic resistance
Hathcock, Arthur L., Ph.D.1990-1999Adjunct Assistant ProfessorEpidemiology
Liss, Gary M., M.D.1990-1999Adjunct Assistant ProfessorOccupational Toxicology
Laszlo, Makk, M.D.1990-1999Adjunct Associate ProfessorOccupational Toxicology
Ross, Mitchell P., M.D.1995-2000AssociatePediatric pharmacology and toxicology
Lang, Calvin A., Sc.D.1980-2000AssociateRole of glutathione in health and aging
Edmonds, Harvey L., Ph.D.1977-2002AssociateNeuroprotection in high risk surgery
Parsian, Abbas, Ph.D.2001-2004AssociateMedical Genetics
Jumblatt, James E., Ph.D.1989-2004AssociateOphthalmology and visual sciences
Wang, Guang Jian, Ph.D.2002-2004AssociateNeurotoxicology
Rigor, Benjamin M., M.D.1981-2005AssociateAnesthesiology
Miller, Frederick N., Ph.D1988-2005Professor (Joint), AssociateMicrocirculation in the inflammatory response
Clouthier, David E., Ph.D.2001-2005Assistant Professor (Joint)Developmental toxicology; birth defects
Delamere, Nicholas A., Ph.D.1986-2006Associate Professor, Professor (Joint)Membrane transport mechanisms
Stansbury, Kevin H., Ph.D.2004-2007AssociateAnalytical toxicology
Liu, Ye Qi, M.D., Ph.D.2003-2007AssociateTransgenic approaches to diabetes
Schurr, Avital, Ph.D.1981-2007AssociateCerebral energy metabolism
Wong, John L., Ph.D.1994-2008Professor (Joint); AssociateBiomarkers; environmental toxicology
Young, William W., Jr. Ph.D.2002-2008AssociateGlycolipids; glycotransferases and sphingolipids
Kennedy, Mary Jayne, Pharm.D.2003-2008Assistant Professor (Joint)Pediatric pharmacology
Gozal, David, M.D.1999-2009Professor (Joint)Sleep medicine; sleep apnea
Wang, Yang M.D., Ph.D.2000-2009Assistant and Associate Professor (Joint)Regulation of hypoxic/ischemic injury and protection in the cardiovascular system
Zimmerman, Thom J., M.D., Ph.D.1986-2009Professor and Professor Emeritus (Joint)Pharmacological treatment of glaucoma
Martinez, Manuel, M.D.2007-2009Professor (Joint)Hypertension and its effects on kidney function
Zundel, Wayne S., Ph.D.2004-2009Assistant Professor (Joint)Molecular oncology
Lillard, James W. Jr., Ph.D., M.B.A.2007-2009Associate Professor (Joint); AssociateInflammation and immunity
Helm, C. William, M.D.2008-2010AssociateOvarian cancer
Litvan, Irene, M.D.2007-2011Professor (Joint)Parkinson's Disease
Scharff, Thomas G., Ph.D.1956-2012Assistant Professor, Associate Professor,Professor, Professor EmeritusMembrane transport
McGregor, W. Glenn, M.D.2000-2012Associate Professor, ProfessorDNA damage, repair and mutagenesis
Goldstein, Richard E., M.D., Ph.D.2004-2012Professor (Joint)Surgical Endocrinology
Fan, Teresa Whei-Mei, Ph.D.2003-2013Associate Professor (Joint); AssociateSelenium; Metabolomics
Hagg, Theo, M.D., Ph.D.2002-2013Professor (Joint)Neurotrophic factor receptors and endogenous stem cells as drug targets
Waddell, William J., M.D.1977-2014

Professor and Chair, Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology; Professor and Chair Emeritus

Occupational toxicology; autoradiography; pH trapping; dose-response at low exposures
Aronoff, George R., M.D.1987-2014Professor (Joint)Drug nephrotoxicity, renal drug metabolism, artificial intelligence
Davis, Keith R., Ph.D.2006-2014ProfessorDevelopment of plant-based pharmaceuticals
Sankar, Uma, Ph.D.2007-2014Assistant Professor; Associate ProfessorHematopoetic stem cell biology and cancer
Jonsson, Colleen B., Ph.D.2011-2014Professor (Secondary appointment)Molecular virology of emerging negative-strand RNA viruses
Waite, Leonard C., Ph.D.1970-2015Assistant Professor; Associate Professor; Professor; Vice Chairman; Professor EmeritusEndocrine pharmacology
Brock, Guy N., Ph.D.2012-2015Associate Professor (Secondary appointment)Statistical bioinformatics and genetics
Bodduluri, Haribabu, Ph.D.2001-2016Associate Professor; Professor (Secondary appointment)Signal transduction and chemoreceptors
Tollerud, David J., M.D., M.P.H.2001-2016Professor (Secondary appointment)Occupational and environmental health
Wattenberg, Brian W. (Binks), Ph.D.2006-2016Associate Professor (Secondary appointment)Sphingosine-kinase and lipid signaling
Myers, Steven R., Ph.D.1991-2016Assistant Professor; Associate Professor; Professor; Associate Chair for Professional EducationDrug and xenobiotic metabolism;  Biomarkers of chemical exposure and toxicity
McNally, Lacey R., Ph.D.2012-2017Assistant Professor (Secondary appointment)Cancer metastasis
Dagirmanjian, Rose, Ph.D.1969-2017Associate Professor; Professor; Professor EmeritaNeurotoxicology
Roman, Jesse, M.D.2010-2018Professor (Secondary appointment)Nicotinic acetylcholine receptors in lung matrix and lung tissue remodeling
Jarboe, Charles H. (Harry), Ph.D.1957-2018Assistant Professor; Associate Professor; Acting Chairman; Professor; Professor EmeritusMedicinal and Analytical Chemistry; Clinical and Applied Toxicology

Jenson, A. Bennett, M.D.

2010-2018Professor (Secondary Appointment)

Translational immunology: humoral responses to prevent infection by papillomavirus

Arteel, Gavin E., Ph.D.

2005-2018Assistant Professor; Associate Professor; Professor; Vice Chair for Research

Mechanisms of oxidative stress; mechanisms of alcohol-inducedhepatitis, pancreatitis, and hepatocellular carcinoma

Beier, Juliane I., Ph.D.

2012-2018Assistant Professor

Interactions of diet and environmental toxins in the production of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

Eaton, John E., Ph.D.

2000-2018Professor (Secondary Appointment)

Biological oxidation/reduction reactions with special emphasis on inflammatory diseases and neoplasia

Ye, Hong, Ph.D.

2004-2018Assistant & Associate Professor (Secondary Appointment)

Notch signaling pathway and tumorigenesis


Zacharias, Wolfgang, Ph.D.

2000-2019Associate Professor; Professor (Secondary Appointments)

Gene expression

Miller, Donald M., M.D., Ph.D.

2000-2019Professor (Secondary Appointment)

Molecular and clinical oncology

Cunningham, Albert R., Ph.D.

2007-2019Associate Professor (Secondary Appointment)

Structure-Activity Relationship Modeling

Carr, Laurence A., Ph.D.

1969-2019Assistant Professor; Associate Professor; Professor; Professor Emeritus

Drug effects on the brain

Antimisiaris, Demetra, PharmD.

2015-2019Associate Professor


Keller, Bradley, B., M.D.

2010-2020Professor (Secondary appointment)

Cardiovascular development and bioengineering

Epstein, Paul N., Ph.D.

2000-2020Professor (Secondary appointment)

Diabetes and complications of diabetes

Uchida, Suzuka, Ph.D.

2019-2020Associate Professor (Secondary appointment)

Cardiac regeneration with long coding RNA

Damodaran, Chendil, Ph.D.

2014-2021Associate Professor (Secondary appointment)

Prostate cancer treatment

Rodgers, George C., M.D., Ph.D.

1978-2021Assistant, Associate, and Full Professor (Secondary appointment)

Toxicokinetics in drug overdoses and pharmacokinetics in pediatric disease states

Lukashevich, Igor, M.D. Ph.D., D.Sc.


Development of new preventive vaccines based on advanced vaccine technologies

Fuqua, Joshua L., Ph.D.

2015-2021Instructor; Assistant Professor

Development of proteins and biologicals for therapeutic and diagnostic indications; Regulatory pharmacology 

Lee, Donghan, Ph.D.

2016 - 2021Professor (Secondary Appointment)

 Structural biology

Freedman, Jonathan H., Ph.D.

2015 - 2021ProfessorExposures to environmental factors in the development and/or exacerbation of human diseases

Bahaitkar, Juhi, Ph.D.

2017-2022Assistant Professor; Associate Professor (Secondary Appointment)Immunological consequences of apoptotic cell clearance during inflammation and infection

Steinbach-Rankins, Jill M., Ph.D.

2013 - 2022Assistant Professor; Associate Professor (Secondary Appointment)

Developing drug delivery vehicles for physiologically challenging microenvironments

Whittemore, Scott R., Ph.D.

2018 - 2022Professor (Secondary Appointment)

Neuroprotection and regeneration

Roberts, Craig S.,  M.D.

2016 - 2022Professor (Secondary Appointment)

Orthopaedic Surgery

Rai, Shesh N., Ph.D.

2013 - 2022Professor (Secondary Appointment)

Clinical trials, survival analysis, bioinformatics, quantitative risk assessment

Joshi-Barve, Swati, Ph.D.

2012 - 2022Assistant Professor; Associate Professor (Secondary appointment)

Mechanisms of steatohepatitis, immune dysfunction, and hepatocellular carcinoma

Feng, Wenke, Ph.D.

2012 - 2022Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Professor (Secondary and Primary appointments)

Mechanisms of alcoholic liver disease; Mechanisms of nonalcoholic steatohepatitis

Guo, Yiru, M.D.

2011 - 2022Associate Professor, Professor (Secondary appointment)Mouse models of coronary ischemia/reperfusion injury

Pisano, M. Michelle, Ph.D.

2000 - 2023Associate Professor, Professor (Secondary appointment)Birth defects; reproductive toxicology

Hong, Kyung U., Ph.D.

2015-2023Assistant Professor (Secondary and Primary appointments)Precision environmental health

Mohamed, Tamer M.A., Ph.D.

2022-2023Associate Professor (Secondary)Novel therapies for heart failure