Former Faculty

Yandell, Lunsford Pitts Sr., M.D.1837-1855Professor of Chemistry, and Physiology and Pathological AnatomyPharmacy
Short, Charles Wilkin, M.D.1838-1851Professor of Materia Medica and Medical Botany, Dean of the Faculty, Professor EmeritusBotany
Rogers, Lewis, M.D.1852-1869Professor of Materia Medica and TherapeuticsClinical Medicine
Bemiss, Samuel M., M.D.1862-1863Professor of Materia Medica and Medical JurisprudencyGeneral Practice
Frazee, L. J., M.D.1866-1867Professor of Materia Medica and TherapeuticsGeneral Practice
Scott, Preston B., M.D.1867-1868Assistant Professor of Materia Medica and TherapeuticsGeneral Practice
Yandell, Lunsford Pitts, Jr., M.D.1868-1883Professor of Materia Medica and Clinical MedicinePediatrics and Medicine
Holland, James, W.H., M.D.1879-1883Professor of Materia Medica and Medicinal Chemistry, and Diseases of the Nervous SystemChemistry
Octerlong, John A., M.D.1870-1874Professor of Materia Medica and Therapeutics, and Clinical MedicineClinical Medicine
Warner, Geo M., M.D.1882-1897Professor of Materia Medica and TherapeuticsAnatomy
Anderson, Turner, M.D.1882-1883Demonstrator of Materia Medica and TherapeuticsGeneral Practice
Bailey, William, A. B., M.D.1885-1889Professor of Materia Medica and Therapeutics, and Public HygienePublic Health
Marshall, Edwing, M.D.1887-1889Assistant Professor of Materia MedicaInternal Medicine
Hendon, George A., M.D.1894-1895Instructor of Materia Medica and TherapeuticsGeneral Practice
Abell, W. L., M.D.1897-1898Instructor of Materia Medica and TherapeuticsGeneral Practice
Morrison, J. Rowan, M.D.1898-1901Instructor of Materia Medica and TherapeuticsGeneral Practice
Offutt, Vance, M.D.1899-1900Demonstrator in Lab. of Materia Medica and TherapeuticsGeneral Practice
McCarty, J. A., M.D.1900-1901Demonstrator in Lab. of Materia Medica and TherapeuticsGeneral Practice
Abell, Irvin, M.D.1901-1908Professor of Materia Medica and Therapeutics, and Genito-Urinary DiseasesSurgery
Leavell, High N., M.D.1904-1908Professor of Materia Medica and Therapeutics, and PediatricsPediatrics
Cottell, Henry A., M.D.1906-1916Professor and Chairman, Dept. of Physiology and Pharmacology, Professor EmeritusPhysiology
Simpson, Virgil E., M.D.1907-1923Professor of Materia Medica and TherapeuticsClinical
Doyle, Oscar W., M.D.1914-1921Adjunct Professor of TherapeuticsMedicine
Redmon, Edward C., M.D.1914-1921Adjunct Assistant Professor of PharmacologyClinical Medicine
Hayes, George, M.D.1915-1916Demonstrator in Lab. of PharmacologyGeneral Practice
Dyer, John W., M.D.1916-1920Instructor of PharmacologyMedicine
DeWeese, A. D., B.S.1918-1920Assistant of PharmacologyEducation
Barbour, Henry Gray, M.D.1923-1931Professor and Chairman, Department of Physiology and PharmacologyPhysiology; Inventor; and author of Experimental Pharmacology & Toxicology
Speidel, Frederick G., M.D.1923-1942Clinical Instructor of TherapeuticsGeneral Practice
Frankmann, Raymond W., M.D.1924-1926Assistant in PharmacologyGeneral Practice
Norland, Hulbert Viers, M.D.1925-1926Assistant in PharmacologyGeneral Practice
Beutner, Reinhard, M.D., Ph.D.1925-1934Professor of PharmacologyPhysical Chemistry
Csakey, M. W. A. B., Ph.D.1927-1934Instructor of Physiology and PharmacologyPhysiology
Hunter, L. G., M.D.1927-1928Assistant in Physiology and PharmacologyGeneral Practice
Flowers, A. Henry, A.B.1931-1932Assistant in Physiology and PharmacologyPhysiology
Howard, Mose W., M.D.1931-1932Student Assistant in PharmacologyGeneral Practice
Wakerlin, George E., M.D., Ph.D.1933-1935Professor and Chairman, Department of Physiology and PharmacologyPhysiology
Lawson, Hampden C., M.D., Ph.D.1934-1960Assistant Professor of Physiology and Pharmacology, Professor and Chairman, Department of PhysiologyBody fluids and Electrolytes
Ambrose, Anthony M., Ph.D.1939-1942Assistant Professor of PharmacologyPharmacy and Biochemistry
Lehmann, Gerhard, M.D.1939-1942Instructor of PharmacologyChemistry
Houchin, Boyd O., Ph.D.1946-1947Assistant Professor of PharmacologyBiochemistry
Malaf, Noble S. R., M.D., Ph.D.1947-1948Assistant Professor of PharmacologyTropical Medicine
Cantrell, William F., Ph.D.1949-1958Associate Professor of PharmacologyChemotherapy
Dillingham, William E., B.D.1949-1951Assistant in PharmacologyPublic Health; Industrial Hygiene
McIntosh, B. J., Ph.D.1949-1955Assistant Professor of PharmacologyAnesthesiology
Pedigo, George N., M.D.1949-1951Lecturer in TherapeuticsClinical Medicine
Hendon, James R., M.D.1951-1952Lecturer in TherapeuticsClinical Medicine
Telford, Jane, M.D.1952-1953Associate in PharmacologyGeneral Practice
Melletee, Henry C., Ph.D.1952-1953Instructor of PharmacologyPsychiatry
Brahen, Leonard F., Ph.D.1954-1955Instructor of PharmacologyPsychiatry
Cronen, Michael R., M.D.1954-1961Associate of PharmacologyInternal Medicine
Isbell, Harris, M.D.1956-1965Lecturer in Pharmacology and Psychosomatic ResearchNarcotic Pharmacology
Wikler, Abraham, M.D.1956-1965Lecturer in Pharmacology and Psychosomatic ResearchPsychiatry
Frazer, H. Frank, M.D.1956-1965Lecturer in PharmacologyPsychiatry
Martin, William R., M.D.1959-1965Lecturer in PharmacologyNarcotic Pharmacology
Despopoulos, Agameninon, M.D.1957-1962Research Assistant ProfessorRenal Pharmacology
LeFevre, Paul G., Ph.D.1960-1968Professor of PharmacologyMembrane Physiology
Peters, Alvin Alois, Sc.D.1961-1962Research Associate in PharmacologyStructure-activity relationships
Soda, Reisuke, Sc.D.1963-1964Instructor in PharmacologyChemistry
Kitao, Teijiro, Ph.D.1963-1965Associate in PharmacologyChemistry
Smith, Richard P., Ph.D.1963-1965Associate in PharmacologyPsychology
Essig, Carl F., M.D.1963-1964Lecturer in PharmacologyPsychiatry
Csaky, Tihamer Z., M.D.1964-1965Adjunct Professor of PharmacologyGastrointestinal Physiology
Gordon, Helmut A., M.D.1964-1965Adjunct Professor of PharmacologyMicrobiological Pharmacology
Motoyama, I., Ph.D.1965-1966Research AssociateChemistry
Klingele, Harold O., Ph.D.1965-1971Assistant Professor of PharmacologyChemistry
Alvarado, Francisco, M.D.1967-1968Associate Professor of PharmacologyPhysiology
Darby, Thomas D., Ph.D.1969-1973Professor and Chair, Department of PharmacologyCardiovascular and Autonomic Pharmacology and Toxicology
Nicholson, John A., Ph.D.1969-1975Assistant Professor of PharmacologyCardiovascular Pharmacology
Chan, Yun-lai, Ph.D.1972-1974Instructor of PharmacologyRenal Pharmacology
Short, Harold J., Ph.D.1974-1975Assistant Professor of PharmacologyChemistry
Carr, Edward A., M.D.1974-1976Professor and Chairman, Department of PharmacologyClinical Pharmacology
Dinno, Mumtaz A., Ph.D.1974-1979Research AssociatePhysiology and Biophysics
Cranston, Joseph, Ph.D.1975-1976Assistant Professor of PharmacologyDrug Metabolism
Gorodetzky, Charles W., M.D., Ph.D.1981-1993Adjunct Professor of Pharmacology and ToxicologyPsychiatry
Jasinski, Donald, M.D.1981-1983Adjunct Professor of Pharmacology and ToxicologyPsychiatry
Richman, Stephan P., M.D.1981-1988Associate Professor of Pharmacology and ToxicologyImmunopharmacology
Ramp, Warren K., Ph.D.1982-1991Professor of Pharmacology and Toxicology; Professor of Oral BiologyCalcium Metabolism
Huang, Kee Chang M.D., Ph.D.1956-1998Assistant, Associate, Full Professor, Professor Emeritus; Acting ChairmanPharmacology of Chinese Herbs, Renal Tubular Transport
Knoefel, Peter K., M.D1935-1999Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Professor, Chair, Department of Pharmacology; Professor and Chair EmeritusAnesthetics, Radiopague Diagnostic Agents, Poisonous venoms
Tamburro, Carlo H., M.D., M.P.H.1982-1999Associate Professor, Professor, Division Chief, Occupational ToxicologyOccupational and Environmental Toxicology; Biomarkers; Hepatology
Woodcock, Thomas M., M.D.1980-1999Associate Professor, Professor, Adjunct ProfessorMedical Oncology
Gordon, Helmut A., M.D.1971-1999Adjunct Professor, Adjunct Professor EmeritusGnotobiology, host-microflora interactions, antibiotic resistance
Hathcock, Arthur L., Ph.D.1990-1999Adjunct Assistant ProfessorEpidemiology
Liss, Gary M., M.D.1990-1999Adjunct Assistant ProfessorOccupational Toxicology
Laszlo, Makk, M.D.1990-1999Adjunct Associate ProfessorOccupational Toxicology
Ross, Mitchell P., M.D.1995-2000AssociatePediatric pharmacology and toxicology
Lang, Calvin A., Sc.D.1980-2000AssociateRole of glutathione in health and aging
Edmonds, Harvey L., Ph.D.1977-2002AssociateNeuroprotection in high risk surgery
Parsian, Abbas, Ph.D.2001-2004AssociateMedical Genetics
Jumblatt, James E., Ph.D.1989-2004AssociateOphthalmology and visual sciences
Wang, Guang Jian, Ph.D.2002-2004AssociateNeurotoxicology
Rigor, Benjamin M., M.D.1981-2005AssociateAnesthesiology
Miller, Frederick N., Ph.D1988-2005Professor (Joint), AssociateMicrocirculation in the inflammatory response
Clouthier, David E., Ph.D.2001-2005Assistant Professor (Joint)Developmental toxicology; birth defects
Delamere, Nicholas A., Ph.D.1986-2006Associate Professor, Professor (Joint)Membrane transport mechanisms
Stansbury, Kevin H., Ph.D.2004-2007AssociateAnalytical toxicology
Liu, Ye Qi, M.D., Ph.D.2003-2007AssociateTransgenic approaches to diabetes
Schurr, Avital, Ph.D.1981-2007AssociateCerebral energy metabolism
Wong, John L., Ph.D.1994-2008Professor (Joint); AssociateBiomarkers; environmental toxicology
Young, William W., Jr. Ph.D.2002-2008AssociateGlycolipids; glycotransferases and sphingolipids
Kennedy, Mary Jayne, Pharm.D.2003-2008Assistant Professor (Joint)Pediatric pharmacology
Gozal, David, M.D.1999-2009Professor (Joint)Sleep medicine; sleep apnea
Wang, Yang M.D., Ph.D.2000-2009Assistant and Associate Professor (Joint)Regulation of hypoxic/ischemic injury and protection in the cardiovascular system
Zimmerman, Thom J., M.D., Ph.D.1986-2009Professor and Professor Emeritus (Joint)Pharmacological treatment of glaucoma
Martinez, Manuel, M.D.2007-2009Professor (Joint)Hypertension and its effects on kidney function
Zundel, Wayne S., Ph.D.2004-2009Assistant Professor (Joint)Molecular oncology
Lillard, James W. Jr., Ph.D., M.B.A.2007-2009Associate Professor (Joint); AssociateInflammation and immunity
Helm, C. William, M.D.2008-2010AssociateOvarian cancer
Litvan, Irene, M.D.2007-2011Professor (Joint)Parkinson's Disease
Scharff, Thomas G., Ph.D.1956-2012Assistant Professor, Associate Professor,Professor, Professor EmeritusMembrane transport
McGregor, W. Glenn, M.D.2000-2012Associate Professor, ProfessorDNA damage, repair and mutagenesis
Goldstein, Richard E., M.D., Ph.D.2004-2012Professor (Joint)Surgical Endocrinology
Fan, Teresa Whei-Mei, Ph.D.2003-2013Associate Professor (Joint); AssociateSelenium; Metabolomics
Hagg, Theo, M.D., Ph.D.2002-2013Professor (Joint)Neurotrophic factor receptors and endogenous stem cells as drug targets
Waddell, William J., M.D.1977-2014

Professor and Chair, Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology; Professor and Chair Emeritus

Occupational toxicology; autoradiography; pH trapping; dose-response at low exposures
Aronoff, George R., M.D.1987-2014Professor (Joint)Drug nephrotoxicity, renal drug metabolism, artificial intelligence
Davis, Keith R., Ph.D.2006-2014ProfessorDevelopment of plant-based pharmaceuticals
Sankar, Uma, Ph.D.2007-2014Assistant Professor; Associate ProfessorHematopoetic stem cell biology and cancer
Jonsson, Colleen B., Ph.D.2011-2014Professor (Secondary appointment)Molecular virology of emerging negative-strand RNA viruses
Waite, Leonard C., Ph.D.1970-2015Assistant Professor; Associate Professor; Professor; Vice Chairman; Professor EmeritusEndocrine pharmacology
Brock, Guy N., Ph.D.2012-2015Associate Professor (Secondary appointment)Statistical bioinformatics and genetics
Bodduluri, Haribabu, Ph.D.2001-2016Associate Professor; Professor (Secondary appointment)Signal transduction and chemoreceptors
Tollerud, David J., M.D., M.P.H.2001-2016Professor (Secondary appointment)Occupational and environmental health
Wattenberg, Brian W. (Binks), Ph.D.2006-2016Associate Professor (Secondary appointment)Sphingosine-kinase and lipid signaling
Myers, Steven R., Ph.D.1991-2016Assistant Professor; Associate Professor; Professor; Associate Chair for Professional EducationDrug and xenobiotic metabolism;  Biomarkers of chemical exposure and toxicity
McNally, Lacey R., Ph.D.2012-2017Assistant Professor (Secondary appointment)Cancer metastasis
Dagirmanjian, Rose, Ph.D.1969-2017Associate Professor; Professor; Professor EmeritaNeurotoxicology
Roman, Jesse, M.D.2010-2018Professor (Secondary appointment)Nicotinic acetylcholine receptors in lung matrix and lung tissue remodeling
Jarboe, Charles H. (Harry), Ph.D.1957-2018Assistant Professor; Associate Professor; Acting Chairman; Professor; Professor EmeritusMedicinal and Analytical Chemistry; Clinical and Applied Toxicology

Jenson, A. Bennett, M.D.

2010-2018Professor (Secondary Appointment)

Translational immunology: humoral responses to prevent infection by papillomavirus

Arteel, Gavin E., Ph.D.

2005-2018Assistant Professor; Associate Professor; Professor; Vice Chair for Research

Mechanisms of oxidative stress; mechanisms of alcohol-inducedhepatitis, pancreatitis, and hepatocellular carcinoma

Beier, Juliane I., Ph.D.

2012-2018Assistant Professor

Interactions of diet and environmental toxins in the production of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

Eaton, John E., Ph.D.

2000-2018Professor (Secondary Appointment)

Biological oxidation/reduction reactions with special emphasis on inflammatory diseases and neoplasia

Ye, Hong, Ph.D.

2004-2018Assistant & Associate Professor (Secondary Appointment)

Notch signaling pathway and tumorigenesis


Zacharias, Wolfgang, Ph.D.

2000-2019Associate Professor; Professor (Secondary Appointments)

Gene expression

Miller, Donald M., M.D., Ph.D.

2000-2019Professor (Secondary Appointment)

Molecular and clinical oncology

Cunningham, Albert R., Ph.D.

2007-2019Associate Professor (Secondary Appointment)

Structure-Activity Relationship Modeling

Guo, Yiro, M.D.

2011-2019Associate Professor; Professor (Secondary Appointments)

Cardio-thoracic and vascular surgery, physiology, and pharmacology

Carr, Laurence A., Ph.D.

1969-2019Assistant Professor; Associate Professor; Professor; Professor Emeritus

Drug effects on the brain

Antimisiaris, Demetra, PharmD.

2015-2019Associate Professor


Keller, Bradley, B., M.D.

2010-2020Professor (Secondary appointment)

Cardiovascular development and bioengineering

Epstein, Paul N., Ph.D.

2000-2020Professor (Secondary appointment)

Diabetes and complications of diabetes

Uchida, Suzuka, Ph.D.

2019-2020Associate Professor (Secondary appointment)

Cardiac regeneration with long coding RNA

Damodaran, Chendil, Ph.D.

2014-2021Associate Professor (Secondary appointment)

Prostate cancer treatment