Program Benefits/Stipends

Residents in Conf RM


Program & Fringe Benefits/ Resident Stipends

  • Annual paid membership to the American Academy of Neurology
  • Annual Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure paid renewals
  • Educational allowance for books, tools, or technology
  • Department hosted social events such as Ice cream socials, apple orchard/pumpkin patch trips, Holiday gift exchanges, Faculty hosted Pot-lucks, Mardi-Gras Party and Graduation celebrations!
  • Paid travel & conference registration to one (1) national conference
  • Additional nominations by Program Director/ Faculty to receive scholarships to other conference
  • 4 weeks’ paid vacation + additional holiday block time off in December
  • Program Wellness- residents can request ½ day off per month for personal use, with Director approval
  • Free Louisville TARC bus fare with UofL ID badge
  • Free on-call meal tickets for University Hospital
  • Free Uber transportation program- when too fatigued to drive home
  • Varied food trucks available in walking distance
  • Discounted membership at all Planet Fitness gym locations
  • Optional, pre-paid legal services
  • Two (2) new lab coats each year with opportunity to purchase more
  • Free program gear such as personalized UofL Neurology jackets or vests
  • Paid Board-Review prep course purchased the last six (6) months of training
  • Job/Fellowship Placement assistance
  • Opportunity to ticket raffles for events such as basketball, baseball, museums
  • Discounted UofL Athletic tickets
  • Discounts at UofL bookstore and other retail discounts
  • Computer Purchase Program through UofL 
  • Supportive Leadership, Faculty and Education Office Staff!

Fringe Benefits:

  • Life Insurance

Term life insurance is provided for all residents, in the amount of $2000 of life insurance for each $1000 of annual stipend. Accidental death and dismemberment coverage is included.

  • Health Insurance

Single and family coverage is available at group rates. Several different plans at varying costs are available to choose from. Residents may choose Premium Conversion, which permits payment of premiums with pre-tax dollars. Flexible Spending Accounts also available.

  • Workers Compensation

All residents are covered by workers compensation for medical expenses and lost work time due to job-related illness or injury.

  • Disability Insurance

Long-term disability insurance is provided for residents, free of charge. Residents have the option of converting the

coverage from group to individual at the end of their training, and the option of purchasing additional coverage at very reduced rates.

  • Malpractice Insurance

Coverage is provided for all residents by either the University of Louisville or by the hospitals to which residents are

assigned. This coverage applies to all assigned rotations that are part of residency training, as detailed on the reverse side of the resident agreement. (See Section XIX, Malpractice Coverage).

  • Dental Care and Coverage

The Faculty Practice Office in the Outpatient Care Center will provide annual examination, including cleaning and up to four bitewing x-rays, to residents free of charge. Any additional services are the responsibility of the resident. Residents can call 852-5401 for information. Residents may also purchase, at group rates, dental insurance in both single and family plans.

  • Employee Assistance Program

An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is available to residents and fellows at no charge and provides confidential

counseling, assessment and referral services. The program deals with the broad range of issues such as

emotional/behavioral, family and marital, alcohol and/or drug, financial, legal, and other personal problems. These services are provided by the Human Development Company.

  • Medical Licensure

Kentucky state law requires that all PGY-2 and above trainees be licensed to practice medicine in the state of Kentucky. The fee for the initial training license is paid by the Graduate Medical Education Office for the PGY-1's who continue as PGY-2's in U of L programs.

  • Campus Health Service Office

Hepatitis B immunization and an annual TB skin test are required and furnished free of charge to all residents. The Campus Health Services Office provides minor urgent medical care and immunizations, including boosters and TB testing. Personal counseling is also available. The Campus Health Services Office also serves as an on-site treatment facility for workers compensation related injuries and exposures including needle sticks, and as the repository of resident immunization records and exposure data. The office is staffed by board certified faculty physicians and faculty nurse practitioners who have extensive primary care and occupational exposure experience.

  • Vacation (Annual Leave)

Postgraduate physicians are entitled to 28 calendar days of vacation for each twelve-month period.

  • Lab Coats

Lab coats are provided by departments for residents at the beginning of their training.

  • Library Privileges and Services

Residents have library privileges at the medical school library (Kornhauser Health Sciences Library) and at all

affiliated hospitals. Available services include electronic literature searches and interlibrary loan service.

Audiovisual equipment, as well as computers and computer software, are made available to residents through the

library. Through the Kornhauser Library’s website (, residents have access

to thousands of electronic journals via Medline and online e-journal collections. Residents can search the library’s

catalog or view a collection of electronic textbooks and reference materials online.

  • Counseling Services

Professional counseling is available to residents through the Health Sciences Center Campus Health Services.

Counseling services are also available through the University of Louisville Employee Assistance Program. See

Section III.D (Campus Health Services Office) for additional counseling options.

  • Recreational Facilities

Free membership to the HSC Fitness Center is available to all HSC residents, students, staff and faculty. The

Fitness Center is conveniently located in the Chestnut Street Parking Garage, and includes weight machines, free

weights, and 20 pieces of aerobic equipment. Aerobics and yoga classes are also offered. In addition, a swimming

pool and recreational facilities on Belknap Campus are also available to residents, through the Intramural and

Recreational Sports Office, the Student Activities Center, and Crawford Gymnasium.

  • Medical and Personal Leave

Paid medical leave up to 90 days is available in cases of extended personal illness. Residents are covered under the

Graduate Medical Student Leave Policy, which provides up to 12 weeks unpaid leave for personal or family illness.

Personal leave is available at the discretion of the Department Chair.

  • Maternity/Paternity Leave

Female residents may use a combination of vacation and program director discretionary leave time to cover up to 42

days of paid post-partum leave. Leave of absence longer than 42 days is taken as unpaid leave. Male residents may

use annual leave or unpaid leave under the Graduate Medical Student Leave policy.

  • Lactation Rooms

Lactation rooms are at various locations on the Health Sciences Campus. Current locations available at

  • Health Care and Dependent Care Flexible Spending Accounts

Residents may establish accounts to convert tax-free benefit dollars within the limits established by the IRS.

Flexible spending accounts provide pre-tax dollars to be used toward medical, dental, vision, pharmacy, and daycare

expenses. The monies are reimbursed to the resident for expenses incurred.

  • Parking

Parking permits are provided to residents by either their program or the GME office at no cost to the resident.

  • Retirement Plan

The University of Louisville House Staff are eligible to participate in the 403(b) retirement plan by electing to

contribute to the voluntary Employee Supplemental and Roth Additional options. The contributions in the

Employee Supplemental and Roth Additional options are not matched by the University.

  • Greater Louisville Medical Society Membership

The Graduate Medical Education office greatly encourages residents to contribute to their community and improve

the future of their profession through leadership and advocacy. In that spirit, the Graduate Medical Education Office

is providing membership to the Greater Louisville Medical Society (GLMS) and the Kentucky Medical Association

(KMA) at no cost to GME contracted residents and fellows.







$ 55,713.00

$ 4,642.75


$ 56,901.00

$ 4,741.75


$ 58,488.00

$ 4,874.00


$ 60,108.00

$ 5,009.00


$ 63,144.00

$ 5,262.00


$ 65,784.00

$ 5,482.00


$ 68,067.00

$ 5,672.25


$ 70,353.00

$ 5,862.75

Stipend rates based on 2% increase for all PG levels