Post COVID-19 Research Clinic

Disease of Interest: COVID-19

Principal Investigator: Forest Arnold, DO, Jiapeng Huang, MD

Key Personnel: T’shura Ali, PhD; Steven Gootee, MHI

The Post COVID-19 Research Clinic is a multi-disciplinary collaboration between the Louisville community and the University of Louisville Division of Infectious Diseases. The aim of this research clinic is to define and evaluate the short- and long-term health consequences of COVID-19 by following adults (18 and older) over time and assessing their physical and mental health. The research study is offering up to 3 follow-up visits for participants diagnosed with COVID-19 and 1 visit for participants who have NEVER been diagnosed with COVID-19. Participants diagnosed with COVID-19 must have been diagnosed and hospitalized with COVID-19 within one year.

What to Expect as a Participant

If you have had a confirmed past COVID-19 infection and are 18+, you may be eligible to participate in the Post COVID-19 Research Clinic. Vaccination status does not affect eligibility. Participating in our research study will help us understand the long-term effects of COVID-19 and ultimately reduce the burden on our community.

Before Visit

  • Schedule an appointment
  • Complete a patient packet and survey

During Visit(s)

If the patient packet and survey documents are completed before the appointment, the visit may last around 2.5 - 3 hours.

  • Sign the informed consent (initial visit)
  • Complete health surveys, along with physical and mental assessments.
  • Provide specimens (blood and urine) and complete ultrasounds (lung, heart, and vascular), EKG, and a lung function test.

There is no compensation for participation, but all tests and assessments done at the research clinic are completely free. Given that this is a research study, we do not offer treatment or referrals. However, abnormal findings if any will be reported.

Schedule an Appointment

Contact the COVID-19 Research Clinic by email at: or by calling 502-852-8680.

MedCenter One (501 East Broadway Suite 140A, Louisville Kentucky 40202)

Interested investigators with funding can utilize the post COVID-19 cohort for future research studies. For more information, please email Dr. T’shura Ali at