Advanced Heart Failure Research Program

Advanced Heart Failure Research Program (AHFR)


4th floor, Cardiovascular Innovation Institute, Department of Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery, University of Louisville


Mark S. Slaughter MD

Professor and Chair, Department of Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery

Legacy Foundation of Kentuckiana Chair in Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery

Medical Director, Cardiovascular Innovation Institute



Gretel Monreal PhD

Associate Professor 


Steven C. Koenig PhD

Professor and Endowed Chair, Cardiac Implant Sciences 


Our Areas of Expertise

  • Pre-clinical development and testing of mechanical circulatory support devices
  • Large animal model development and characterization
  • Static and dynamic mock circulatory loops
  • Human cadaver models
  • Hemodynamic and hemocompatibility instrumentation and analyses
  • Writing (study protocols, SOPs, abstracts, manuscripts, and grants)
  • Educating future engineers, clinicians, and scientists
  • Developing innovative wet labs for hands-on education and training
  • Engaging and inspiring the community through STEM outreach



Notable accomplishments of the Advanced Heart Failure Research Program

  • $55.4M funding
  • 95 grants & contracts
  • 24 NIH SBIR grants
  • 66 industry partnerships
  • 586 large animal studies
  • 379 manuscripts
  • 15 cardiovascular devices advanced into clinical use
  • 34 patents and invention disclosures
  • 392 invited presentations
  • 109 trainees
  • 123 educational wet labs
  • 9,990 participants in our Heartwheels! STEM Mobile Outreach Program



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