Convocation of Thanks

Each spring, those that have benefited from the gifts of our anatomical donors hold a ceremony to honor the donors. Medical, dental, and audiology students along with residents, fellows, and staff physicians speak, read selections of poetry or letters, and perform musical acts. The primary next-of-kin listed on the donation forms will receive an invitation (at the address listed on our paperwork) to the event in the late winter/early spring of the year following the death of their loved one (Ex: if your loved one died in 2013, you will receive an invitation in late winter 2014). The event is open to the public.

For information, please call 502-852-5744.

View video

View the Courier Journal video about the 2013 Convocation of Thanks. Hear University administrators and medical students express their gratitude for the generosity of the many people who donate their bodies for science. Learn how these bequests help train medical students and advance medical science.

University of Louisville Burial Site

bequeathal burial headstone

The University of Louisville maintains a burial site at River Valley Cemetery for those donors who wish to have their cremains interred by the University. For directions to our burial site, please call 502-852-5744.