Sensory Systems

Drs. Bickford, Borghuis, Krimm, Lundy, McGee, Samuelsen

  • Functional organization of visual thalamic nuclei
  • Signal transduction & gene-regulation of cell death and survival in retina
  • Circuit development of the visual thalamus
  • Neurotrophins in regulating gustatory peripheral and central targeting
  • Mechanisms of central taste processing

Development and Plasticity

Dr. Moore

  • Developmental regulation of pituitary hormones
  • Development & plasticity of the visual cortex
  • Differentiation and regeneration of motor neurons & oligodendrocytes

Neural Injury and Repair

Drs. Hubscher, Petruska

  • Therapeutic strategies for the treatment of spinal cord injury
  • Pelvic organ function and chronic pain following spinal cord injury
  • Development of novel therapies for skeletal muscle disorders
  • Plasticity of peripheral nerves and spinal cord

Anatomical Sciences and Instruction

Drs. B. Davis, E. Davis, Breuckner-Collins, , Herring, Rougier

  • Innovative approaches in teaching the anatomical sciences
  • Structural relations between bones, ligaments and surrounding neurovasculature
  • Comparative anatomy and evolution of mammals
  • Tissue responses to xenobiotics and chemotherapy