Nicole Herring, Ph.D.

Nicole Herring, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Department of Anatomical Sciences & Neurobiology

Phone: (502) 852-2024


Dr. Herring obtained a B.A. in biology (2001) from Blackburn College in Carlinville, Illinois. She earned her Ph.D. in Neuroscience from University of Cincinnati (2007) studying the effects of methamphetamine in the adult rat in the laboratory of Michael Williams, Ph.D. While in graduate school, she served as a teaching assistant for the anatomy and physiology undergraduate labs. She was accepted into the Scientist-Educator program, a three year dual program in both medical education and basic science research, at Vanderbilt University in 2007. She was mentored by Art Dalley, Ph.D. in medical gross anatomy and served as an instructor at both Vanderbilt and Meharry Medical School. During this time, she also performed research on the mechanisms underlying the cognitive effects of schizophrenia by developing a model of myelin loss in the rat similar to that observed in the human schizophrenic population in the lab of Christine Konradi, Ph.D. Dr. Herring joined the Department of Anatomical Sciences and Neurobiology at University of Louisville as an Assistant Professor in the summer of 2010.

Research Interests

Dr. Herring's current research interests are focused on utilizing innovative teaching techniques in medical education. Additionally, she is interested in learning and teaching styles among multi-generational classrooms and teaching teams and the outcomes on team productivity, retention of material, and the overall learning experience.

Teaching Interests

Dr. Herring is a member of the teaching team for both the medical and dental gross anatomy courses. She is also the course director for the Summer Gross Anatomy Remedial course and the Teaching Regional Gross Anatomy, a 4th year elective course for medical students at University of Louisville. She is also involved with the fresh tissue prosections and demonstrations for Anatomy in the Evening for the first year medical students.

Key Publications

Herring NR, Gudelsky GA, Vorhees CV, Williams MT. (2010) (+)-Methamphetamine-induced monoamine reductions and impaired egocentric learning in adrenalectomized rats is independent of hyperthermia. Synapse 64(10): 773-85.

Gregg JR, Herring NR, Naydenov AV, Hanlin RP, Konradi C. (2009) Downregulation of oligodendrocyte transcripts is associated with impaired prefrontal cortex function in rats. Schizophr Res 113(2-3): 277-87.

Herring NR, Schaefer TL, Gudelsky GA, Vorhees CV, Williams MT. (2008) Effect of +-methamphetamine on path integration learning, novel object learning, and neurotoxicity in rats. Psychopharmacology (Berl) 199(4): 637-50.

Herring NR, Schaefer TL, Tang PH, Skelton MR, Lucot JP, Gudelsky GA, Vorhees CV, Williams MT. (2008) Comparison of time-dependent effects of (+)-methamphetamine or forced swim on monoamines, corticosterone, glucose, creatine, and creatinine in rats. BMC Neurosci 9:49.

Vorhees CV, Herring NR, Schaefer TL, Grace CE, Skelton MR, Johnson HL, Willams MT. (2008) Effects of neonatal (+)-methamphetamine on path integration and spatial learning in rats: effects of dose and rearing conditions. Int J Dev Neurosci 26(6): 599-610.

Williams MT*, Herring NR*, Schaefer TL, Skelton MR, Campbell NG, Lipton JW, McCrea AE, Vorhees CV. (2007) Alterations in body temperature, corticosterone, and behavior following the administration of 5-methoxy-diisopropyltryptamine ('foxy') to adult rats: a new drug of abuse. Neuropsychopharmacology 32(6):1404-20.