Medical School Graduates

Our alumni are trail blazers and serve as an inspiration to anyone who thought it was too late to pursue their dream!
John Gettelfinger, M.D.ENTUniversity of Louisville2015
Karl Kristiansen, M.D.AnesthesiologySt. George2015
Melissa Sullivan, M.D.PsychiatryUniversity of Louisville2015
Kirk Akaydin, M.D.Internal MedicineUniversity of Louisville2016
Tyler Black, M.D.AnesthesiologyUniversity of Louisville2016
Elizabeth Bruenderman Cameron, M.D.General SurgeryUniversity of Louisville2016
Azra Drljevic Lynn, M.D.PsychiatryUniversity of Louisville2016
Zachary Hester, M.D.Emergency MedicineUniversity of Louisville2016
Steven Knight, M.D.Emergency MedicineUniversity of Louisville2016
D. Alan North, M.D.Interventional RadiologyUniversity of Louisville2016
Erin Rush, M.D.PsychiatryUniversity of Louisville2016
L. Kasim Smith, M.D.PsychiatryUniversity of Louisville2016
Elayna Dush, M.D.PediatricsUniversity of Louisville2017
Jonathan Greenburg, M.D.PsychiatryUniversity of Louisville2017
Vincent Hancock, M.D.General SurgeryUniversity of Louisville2017
William Hargis, M.D.Emergency MedicineUniversity of Louisville2017
Emily Knittle, M.D.Med-PedsUniversity of Louisville2017
Christopher Lombardi, M.D.PsychiatryUniversity of Louisville2017
Samuel Williams, M.D.PediatricsUniversity of Louisville2017
Brian Hawkins, M.D.Emergency MedicineUniversity of Texas Southwestern2017
Samuel McCord, M.D.PsychiatryUniversity of Cincinnati2017
Marife Ortega Teague, M.D.General SurgeryVirginia Commonwealth2017
Hannah Palin, M.D.OB/GYNMiami University2017
Patricia Siza, M.D.Family MedicineUniversity of Kentucky2017
Rebecca Teague, M.D.Emergency MedicineUniversity of Tennessee - Memphis2017
Brent Thomason, M.D.Family MedicineAmerican University of the Caribbean2017
Jessica Wallace, M.D.OB/GYNUniversity of Cincinnati2017
Juliet Huang Nash, M.D.AnesthesiologyUniversity of Texas Southwestern2018
Brandi Jones, M.D.Med-PedsUniversity of Louisville2018
Scott Miller, M.D.Physical Medicine & RehabilitationUniversity of Missouri2018
Thomas Neyer, M.D.AnesthesiologyUniversity of Louisville2018
Kristin Nosova, M.D.NeurosurgeryUniversity of Louisville2018
Nick Peairs, M.D.Emergency MedicineUniversity of Louisville2018
Lucy Schuhmann, M.DMed-PedsUniversity of Louisville2018
Ethan Short, M.D.PsychiatryUniversity of Louisville2018
Jennifer Sidey, M.D.Family MedicineUniversity of Louisville2018
Razvan Turcu, M.D.Physical Medicine & RehabilitationUniversity of Louisville2018
Xiamo "Summer" Wang, M.D.N/AUniversity of Louisville2018
Madeline Baker, M.D.OB/GYNUniversity of Louisville2019
R. "Beau" Beaupre, M.D.Emergency MedicineUniversity of Louisville2019
Kathleen Dieckmann, M.D.Family MedicineUniversity of Louisville2019
Samantha Edwards, M.D.Family MedicineUniversity of Louisville2019
Marc Gagnier, M.D.Internal MedicineUniversity of Louisville2019
Daniela Havens Lastarria, M.D.AnesthesiologyUniversity of Louisville2019
Timothy Ryan Parker, M.D.PsychiatryUniversity of Louisville2019
Michelle Punzal, M.D.Internal MedicineUniversity of Kentucky2019
Chris Robards, M.D. PsychiatryUniversity of Louisville2019
Jeffrey Roberts, M.D.Family MedicineUniversity of Louisville2019
Amorkor Sogbodjor, M.D.Med-PedsUniversity of Louisville2019
Vijay Guntapalli, M.D.Internal MedicineEast Tennessee State University2020
Chris Hanson, M.D.Family Medicine/HospitalistUniversity of Louisville2020
Ashlee Margheim, M.D.DermatologyUniversity of Louisville2020
Kelsey Bard McCallister, M.D.PediatricsUniversity of Louisville2020
Elizabeth Pogue, M.D.PathologyUniversity of Louisville2020
Shuchismita Satpathy, M.D.Internal MedicineUniversity of Louisville2020
Esther Bak, M.D.Internal MedicineUniversity of Louisville 2021
Laura Davis, M.D..UrologyUniversity of Louisville2021
Shannon Lewis, M.D.Family MedicineUniversity of Louisville2021
Tyler McChane, M.D.Family MedicineIcahn School of Medicine @ Mt. Sinai2021
Thomas Walsh, M.D.PediatricsUniversity of Louisville2021
John Whitaker, M.D.OrthopedicsUniversity of Louisville2021
Kris Collman, M.D.PsychiatryUniversity of Kentucky2022
John Dicken, M.D.Emergency MedicineUniversity of Louisville2022
Connor Murray, M.D.PediatricsUniversity of Louisville2022
Emily O'NeilInternal MedicineUniversity of Louisville2022
Morgan RobinsonPediatricsUniversity of Louisville2022
Amy Theriault, D.O.PathologyUniversity of Pikeville; College of Osteopathic Medicine2022
Cody Tucker, M.D.OB/GYNUniversity of Louisville2022

Please note: Physicians who received their medical degree from another medical school are in bold.