LCME Update - May 1, 2014

LCME Update - May 1, 2014

Good Afternoon--As we continue the formal process of addressing all of the LCME concerns, I want to be sure that every member of our academic community has up-to-date information about this process, and has an opportunity to make suggestions, ask questions, and provide feedback.

To coordinate the development of the action plans that will address each LCME issue, we have formed a Steering Committee of almost 20 faculty, staff, and students, and 6 Standards Subcommittees, consisting of another 40+ faculty, staff and students.  Both the Steering Committee and the Standards Subcommittees have been meeting regularly (weekly or bi-weekly) to draft individual action plans for each standard that the LCME cited (9 out of compliance; 10 in compliance, with a need for monitoring).  This week, the Steering Committee began its review of the first drafts of these action plans and provided feedback to the subcommittees; the subcommittees will then discuss the feedback, revise their drafts and produce second drafts. This process will continue throughout May, and, by May 28, we will send all of our completed action plans to Dan Hunt and Barbara Barzansky, the LCME Secretaries who will serve as our consultants.  Once these action plans are in a more final state, we will make them available to faculty, students, and staff.

Drs. Hunt and Barzansky will visit our medical school June 2-3 and meet with many of the members of the LCME Steering Committee and the Standards Subcommittees as well as chairs.  

We have scheduled an Open Forum on May 20 at 4:30 PM, in Baxter 1 Auditorium, which will focus on the changes we will be making in the medical student curriculum and how those changes will impact our teaching efforts. In addition, we will schedule a Breakfast with the Dean and an LCME Lunch & Learn sometime in June to provide an update on our consultation visit. I hope that many of you will attend these programs and bring your questions and comments about how we are addressing the LCME concerns.

One piece of very good news--the renovation of a large portion of Kornhauser Library is now complete.  If you haven't visited the library recently, I encourage you to do so or visit the LCME Accreditation 2014 link at the SOM homepage at and click “Renovation Updates.”  That page also contains the architects' drawings for the Instructional Building renovation project.  With faculty and student input, we have also selected the interiors and furnishings.  I will provide more details about the Instructional Building renovation project at the May 20 Open Forum.

And remember, if you have questions or comments about the LCME, please email me or call my assistant Michelle Mucker at 852-1499.

Wishing everyone a great Derby experience,

Toni M. Ganzel, MD, MBA