2014 Renovation Project

2014 Renovation Project

Instructional Building Update, August 1, 2014

Classes are set to begin Monday and our students will have freshly renovated space to start the semester. While there still are some minor things that have to be taken care of, what typically occurs in no less than six months has been accomplished in about three. The north side of the first and second floors have been wholly renovated, incorporating input from faculty and students. This was much more than simply making things prettier.

New lecture halls were created in the center portions of the first and second floors, with some of the most innovative technology available incorporated into the space. Additionally, new small group learning spaces were developed. The lounges and kitchens also were renovated, providing our students with the amenities they need for the many hours they will spend in the building.

The renovated space also has many energy-saving features, adding to its technologically advanced status. In combination with the renovation of the Kornhauser Library space earlier this year, our students now have some of the most up-to-date and advanced learning space available.

Instructional Building Update, July 21, 2014

As the start of classes nears, so does the end of the renovation project. We are on schedule for an August 1 completion.

The first floor finishes are complete. The second floor corridor work will be wrapped up this week, along with the remaining carpeting and painting. The A/V installation is underway; training will occur later this week and continue through the end of the month.

Furniture deliveries begin later this week, while the installation of room signage will occur towards the end of the month. The flooring in the lobby will be one of the last finishes put in place, and will begin later this week.

Work on the air handling systems will continue through September. Three of the eight units are finished and will be turned on this week.

Instructional Building Update, July 3, 2014

It would be easy to say the pace of the renovation is increasing, but it has been fast-tracked from the start. The visible impacts are increasing. The wood finish panels on the first floor are installed and being protected during these final weeks. The carpeting will begin to be installed next week and the final coat of paint will be applied.

On the second floor, all the rooms have been primed for painting. The ceiling grid has been installed and the raised platform in the lecture hall has been completed.

An upcoming phase that everyone should be aware is that the new flooring will begin to be installed the week of July 14. Occupants of the building will need to be observant of times when the building should be empty and consult with Messer Construction if they must be in the building at the time of the installation.

Instructional Building Update, June 25, 2014

The renovation of the instructional building literally is taking shape. All the wall framing on both floors has been completed and all the drywall is scheduled to be hung by the end of the week. Next week the ceiling tile installation will begin. Work on the hallways for both floors has started. While most of the work to date has not been “pretty,” soon the carpeting, paneling, etc., will begin and what currently is a construction zone soon will look much more like a home for our students.

Instructional Building Update, June 9, 2014

The transformation of the Instructional Building continues on its accelerated pace.

On the first floor, all the walls are framed and drywall hung. Painting has begun this week. The ceilings will be put into place in two weeks.

Activity on the second floor is not far behind. The drywall is being hung this week.

The new furniture is scheduled to arrive in mid-July.

Because of the various activities, access to the building continues to be restricted between 5 pm and 3:30 am. If you need to enter the building, please contact Messer Construction (Jason Larkin, 377-1087, or Tyler Smith, 263-8968) during this timeframe.

Instructional Building Update, June 3, 2014

Construction Update & Corridor Access

Construction on the Instructional Building continues six days/week, with two daily work shifts. All demolition work is now complete. The first floor walls are framed and drywall installation is underway. The second floor wall framing has begun. Construction begins this week on the first and second floor corridors. This will continue for the next two months, beginning with work above the ceiling and continuing down the walls, ending with the flooring installation in late July.

There will be periodic restrictions to accessing the first and second floor corridors between 5:00 p.m. - 3:00 a.m., Monday through Saturday, during June and July.

For your safety, please contact Messer Construction (Jason Larkin 377-1087 or Tyler Smith 263-8968) if you require first or second floor corridor access during this evening timeframe.

Renovation Update, May 9, 2014

Renovation on the instructional building continues at its accelerated pace to ensure completion of the project by early August. The abatement on the second floor is scheduled to be completed Friday, a week ahead of the original schedule. Wall framing layout and duct work installation will begin next week.

On the first floor, all the duct work is substantially complete and the exterior wall insulation is complete. Framing has begun and is scheduled to be finished next week, which will allow for electrical and plumbing work to begin.

There are no utility shutdowns scheduled for the near future. Access will continue to be limited at night for the next three weeks to accommodate demolition activities.

Instructional Building Update, April 14, 2014

Work has begun on the Instructional Building with the flooring and ceilings removed from the building lobby as well as the first and second floor corridors. Second-year medical students have vacated the first floor, and evening demolition work will begin tonight.

First floor furniture not being re-used was given to charity, and the second-year students have cleared their lockers. Their classes continue in other areas of the campus. First-year students will remain on the second floor until the end of April.

Our contractor, Messer Construction, is now on-site, and will be located on the second floor (room 225) of the building. Acquisition of construction materials is occurring as well as development of the overall construction sequencing.

Furniture selections will be made later this month.

Beginning Renovation of Instructional Building, February 2014

In February 2014, the UofL School of Medicine began renovating its instructional building to better meet the needs of our current class size and curriculum, and enable us to potentially expand our class size to meet the growing physician shortage in Kentucky and beyond. We also are upgrading the technology infrastructure to better support innovative academic technologies.

This $7.5 million renovation of the 1970 building will be completed by August 2014, in time for the beginning of the new academic year and will result in completely redesigned instructional space.

The major changes to the instructional building include:

  • Two new 180-seat interactive lecture halls
  • State-of-the-art small group learning labs and classrooms
  • A new student lounge
  • Expanded student study areas

Planning for the renovation began last fall and has included significant input from students and faculty.

View the floor plans and architectural renderings below.

Renovation Schedule Completed

March 8-16:Completed Demolition and abatement of the non-instructional areas of the first and second floors (on the east end of the building) is underway.

End of March:Completed Audiovisual/Technology bid package will be released.

April:Completed Furniture selections and bids will proceed. Contractor procurement of construction materials is in process.

Late April/Early May:Completed Demolition and abatement of the remainder of the first floor instructional space will occur when the second year classes conclude.

Mid-May:Completed Demolition and abatement of the remainder of the second floor instructional space will occur when the first year classes conclude on May 16.

Mid-May – July 31:Completed Construction will take place during multiple shifts.

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