Cancer Control and Care Delivery

The mission of the Cancer Control and Care Delivery program is to reduce the incidence of cancer and minimize the impact of cancer on the health and well-being of our patients, communities, and the healthcare system.  We perform our research using a variety of techniques, including basic science laboratory research, translational research with clinician collaborators, and health services research that uses large population-based and other administrative datasets to assess the impact of health care delivery systems on cancer development, treatment, and outcomes.

We have a talented, diverse group of researchers in the program.  They are experts in the fields of carcinogenesis and chemoprevention. Our cancer epidemiology team is comprised of experts who have led major, impactful cohort studies that have improved our understanding of risk factors for breast cancer.  We have experts in behavioral oncology and psychosocial oncology.  Our researchers are thought leaders in such diverse fields as drug development, clinical pharmacogenetics, bioethics, and multi-disciplinary cancer care education.  The research program also has clinician scientists who leverage their experience with the clinical care of cancer patients to further inform and advance their clinical and translational research.

The program is closely integrated with the Kentucky Cancer Program, which is based at the UofL Health Brown Cancer Center and is a national leader in cancer control and education.  Through a network of 13 regional offices, the Kentucky Cancer Program promotes cancer prevention measures and serves as a liaison between scientists and the public, bringing the latest discoveries to the community through clinical outreach sites.  We also work closely with the Kentucky Cancer Registry and their researchers who are dedicated to collecting accurate cancer data for the Commonwealth of Kentucky and initiating evidence-based cancer control programs and epidemiological studies.

Researchers focused on Cancer Control and Care Delivery include: