Trover Rural Track

 Trover Campus in Madisonville, KY

In 1998, the Trover Foundation/University of Louisville Off Campus Teaching Center began offering University of Louisville School of Medicine students the opportunity to complete the last two years of medical education in a rural setting. The Trover Campus is based in Madisonville, KY, and is designed to accommodate 10-12 Third Year and 10-12 Fourth Year students for their clinical rotations. Students may apply for dedicated admission to the Trover Rural Track program by indicating their interest on the University of Louisville School of Medicine's secondary application.

To view more information about the Trover Rural Track, visit the University of Louisville Trover Campus website

Trover Rural Track Contact Information

Dr. William Crump, Associate Dean of Trover Campus



Kendall Denny, Pathways Coordinator

Phone: (270) 824-3490