Previous Matriculants to Medical School

Individuals previously, but not currently enrolled in another medical school

Applicants with prior enrollment at another medical school must reveal that enrollment as part of their AMCAS application. Once the AMCAS application is in a verified status and reviewed by Admissions personnel, applicant must provide a transcript of courses and grades received at the previous medical school, as well as a statement giving the reasons for not completing the curriculum there. A letter of evaluation from the administration of the prior school supporting the applicant’s reasons for not completing the curriculum and stating that the student would be eligible to return to that school must be received prior to consideration of the application.

Consideration of such an applicant is limited to those with compelling circumstances both for not completing the prior medical school and for desiring to enter the University of Louisville MD program. Admission with advanced standing would not ordinarily be considered in such a case.

Policy approved by the Admissions Committee 10/25/2022