Deferral Policy

University of Louisville School of Medicine Deferral Policy


The University of Louisville School of Medicine Admissions office will consider requests for deferred admission based on special professional or personal circumstances.  Written requests for deferral should be submitted as early as possible in the cycle of the year of expected entry but, barring emergent issues, no later than July 1st.  Deferral requests are reviewed within the context of all relevant information, including, but not limited to, the date of deferral request, medical school application information, and reason(s) for requesting deferral. Only in unusual circumstances will a request for deferring enrollment for more than one year be considered. A candidate who is unable to enroll in a given year and has not been granted a deferral must decline his or her offer of admission and reapply at a later date.

Successful deferral requests typically permit applicants to address unexpected personal issues or participate in time-limited, once-in-a-lifetime academic/service opportunities that will significantly enhance their medical education and training.

If granted, the deferred student is not permitted to subsequently apply to other medical schools and must update and submit their AMCAS file during the last year of the deferral to activate their admission to the upcoming class.  No fee will be required for this update and submission.