Points of Pride

 McConnell Scholars serve in top leadership positions on campus and go on to win prestigious campus, national and international awards and scholarships. Our 250+ network of McConnell Scholar alumni are leaders in their respective communities.

  • In 2016, the McConnell Center's moot court team was ranked a top-20 program.
  • Seven McConnell Scholars have been elected by their peers to serve as president of the UofL Student Government:
    • Jasper Noble, 2019-2020
    • Aaron Vance, 2016-2017
    • Victoria Allen, 2015-2016
    • Justin Brandt, 2012-2013
    • Kurtis Frizzell, 2011-2012
    • Rudy Spencer, 2008-2009
    • William "Bill" Brammell, 2005-2006

Here are a few examples of McConnell Scholar accomplishments:

Post-Graduate Success

After graduating from the University of Louisville, McConnell Scholars have gone on to earn national awards including Fulbright, Truman and Boren scholarships. They have earned graduate degrees from elite universities and colleges including Berkeley, Cambridge, Columbia, Dartmouth, Georgetown, George Washington, Harvard, London School of Economics & Political Science, Michigan, New York, Oxford, Pennsylvania, Washington & Lee, William & Mary and Yale. 

Fulbright Award Winners

  1. Claire Gothard, 2021 Fulbright ETA, Morroco
  2. Evan Clark, 2020 Fulbright ETA, Spain
  3. Jared Thomas, 2020 Fulbright ETA, Malaysia
  4. Macey Mayes, 2019 Fulbright ETA, Malaysia
  5. Natasha Mundkur, 2019 Fulbright ETA, India
  6. Kyle Hilbrecht, 2018 Fulbright ETA, Laos
  7. Christian Bush, 2018 Fulbright ETA, Macau
  8. Robert Gassman, 2018 Fulbright ETA, Taiwan
  9. Jeremy Ball, 2017 Fulbright ETA, Malaysia
  10. Chloe Zoeller, 2016 Fulbright ETA, Colombia
  11. Paige Brewer, 2015 Fulbright ETA, Kazakhstan
  12. Danielle Robinette, 2014 Fulbright ETA, Ecuador
  13. Meagan Floyd, 2012 Fulbright ETA, Malaysia
  14. Chelsey Hall, 2010 Fulbright ETA, Macau
  15. Charles Helms, 2010 Fulbright ETA, Kosovo
  16. Robert Works, 2010 Fulbright Research, Colombia
  17. Jamie Giles, 2009 Fulbright ETA, Thailand
  18. Tejas Shastry, 2009 Fulbright ETA, Sri Lanka
  19. Boris Yelin, 2009 Fulbright ETA, Argentina
  20. GlyptusAnn Grider, 2007 Fulbright ETA, S. Korea
  21. Chris Kenner, 2003 Fulbright ETA, Germany

Mary Churchill Humphrey Scholarship Winners

  1. Meagan Floyd, 2020 Award to pursue a degree in politics of conflict, rights and justice at SOAS University of London
  2. Charles Helms, 2014 Award to pursue a master's degree from the University of Oxford
  3. Robert Works, 2012 Award to pursue a master's degree of philosophy in Latin American Studies at St. John's College at the University of Cambridge

What They Do Now

Our alumni are presently leaders in their fields. Our alumni network includes public servants, professors, policy analysts, museum curators, medical doctors and professionals, military officers, engineers, pharmacists, lawyers, city planners, teachers, pastors, political strategists, higher education administrators, musicians, physical therapists, business owners, dentists–the list goes on and on. Where could a #McConnellScholarship take you?

Michael G. Adams"The McConnell Center not only gave me the credentials to be competitive in applying to Ivy League law schools but gave me the confidence and analytical skills to succeed once I arrived." - Michael G. Adams ('98), Harvard Law ('01), Kentucky Secretary of State




"The McConnell Center is one of a kind. I picked UofL because of it and feel much of my success today is a result of the program. Dr. Weber was an awesome mentor and helped me realize that I would find happiness thinking beyond a career in traditional medicine. Today, I work in international health research and policy and could not be happier. Thank you for the memories, the friends and for helping each of us find direction." - Christa Fischer Walker, PhD ('97), Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health ('05); CDC Epidemiologist