The Prophet

A McConnell Center Publication (2023)


By Kahlil Gibran

Hardcover, 4.5 x 7 inches, 120 pages

ISBN 978-1-953058-85-0

Published by McConnell Center Books, 2023


List Price: $17.95

About the Book

September 2023 marks 100 years since Kahlil Gibran first brought The Prophet to the world. It sold out its first run of 1300 copies within weeks and went on to sell millions of copies in more than 100 languages. It is not a book of analytic philosophy and it is not a simple self-help book. It is a work of offered wisdom that flies to the heavens on the wings of its imaginative prose and lands again on the solid ground right next to the reader where it is most needed.

All readers should make the lessons of the prophet their own and find in his words the keys that might open doors that otherwise would be shut to them. We don’t intend any particular lessons to be found in these pages and don’t mean to endorse any specific lessons that may be found. We do intend our readers to engage with the text, search for keys that speak to them, and collect what wisdom they find.

—Gary L. Gregg II, Director
The McConnell Center, University of Louisville