Mary Churchill Humphrey Scholarship

Mary Churchill Humphrey endowed the University of Louisville Centenary Memorial Scholarship in the late 1940s. This generous scholarship has enabled graduates of the College of Arts and Sciences to pursue advanced study in the United Kingdom for more than fifty years. Competition for the scholarship is open to students majoring in all disciplines within the College of Arts & Sciences. To be eligible, a student must have at least one Arts & Sciences major and be a resident in the College of Arts & Sciences.

Candidates may apply to study at any English, Scottish, Welsh, or Northern Irish University. The Mary Churchill Humphrey Scholarship may be used to complete a one-year graduate degree or be used in the first year of a longer graduate degree program. The Mary Churchill Humphrey Scholarship will cover a significant proportion of the winning scholar's tuition, room and board, fees, other living expenses and transportation. However, given the rising costs of higher education and living expenses in the United Kingdom, students applying for the Mary Churchill Humphrey Scholarship should expect to meet some portion of their expected budget with personal funds or a graduate school loan.

Eligibility and the application: Academically distinguished College of Arts & Sciences juniors (who will be abroad next spring), seniors, graduate students, and recent graduates (since 2007) are encouraged to apply.

Interested students should contact Dr. Bethany Smith at 502.852.1515 or  to schedule an appointment or to receive more information.