Extension of Program

If you are not able to finish your degree program by the end date noted on your I-20 (F-1) or DS 2019 (J-1), you can request an extension of your program. The length of time allowed for an extension is based on the recommendation of your academic adviser.

Deadline for Extensions

An extension request must be completed before the expiration date indicated on your current I-20 or DS2019. If your I-20 or DS-2019 expires while you are still a student, you will be considered in violation of your status.

Extension Process

  1. Notify the ISSS office that you will need to extend your program completion date
  2. Have your academic adviser email the ISSS office with the new completion date.
  3. You will be contacted when a new I-20 or DS-2019 is ready to be picked up. If important information is missing or if there is any problem with your request, we will contact you.