UHRE License Agreement Take Over Policy


If a student does not cancel within their ten-day period, but still wishes to be released from their license agreement prior to August 1st, they have the option to find a student who is new to UHRE and does not have an active application for on campus housing to take over their bedspace. This option is not a sublease between the two students since each student will have their own license agreement with University Housing. This policy takes effect for the Fall 2023 – Spring 2024 application period.

Please Note

  • The current resident must find a potential new resident to take over their license prior to cancelling for the first time. Once a cancellation is submitted, this option is no longer available.
    • A student cannot cancel their license and then reactivate it to find a new potential resident.
  • For the potential new resident to take over the original resident’s exact space, the two residents must match in terms of classification (first-year or upper-level student) and gender. The potential new resident must be eligible to live in that space.
    • If the two residents do not match, University Housing and the Resident Experience will still allow this takeover, but the potential new resident agrees to be assigned to a space they are eligible for, not the original student’s space.
  • The new resident must not be required to live on campus for the requested term.
  • Once the new resident has been accepted, the potential new resident has ten (10) days to cancel their Housing Agreement, as laid out in our Cancellation Policy. If the potential new resident elects to cancel within the permitted ten (10) days, the original resident is again responsible for a cancellation fee for their original cancellation.
  • All license agreement takeovers must happen by August 1st. Any requests beyond that date will be denied and the first student will be subject to our Cancellation Policy.
  • The potential new resident must be new to University Housing and not have an active application with University Housing. New is defined as not living on campus at the University of Louisville in over a year AND not having an active application for the desired term prior to starting the license agreement takeover policy.
  • The entire lease takeover process must be finished prior to August 1st of each year.


Once a current resident has secured a new resident to take over their license agreement, both students need to email housing@louisville.edu to begin the change process. This email should be sent from the resident’s UofL email address and include their full name, student ID number, and that they are requesting a license agreement takeover by the full name and student ID number of the new resident. UHRE will then email the potential new resident to confirm this takeover.