Micro-Chill and Loft Check-Out

Micro-Chill Check-Out Instructions

Begin this process 48 hours before you check out

  1. Clean inside of microwave. If your microwave is dirty, you can put a cup of water inside for 1 minute to loosen stuck-on food.
  2. Unplug refrigerator from wall.
  3. Remove all food items.
  4. Leave refrigerator & freezer doors open and allow inside of refrigerator & freezer to defrost.
  5. Once the inside of the refrigerator & freezer is at room temperature, clean the inside and outside with mild soap & water.
  6. Remove the drip tray at the back of the unit, make sure to lift up and pull out, clean and dry drip tray before placing inside microwave.
  7. Thoroughly dry inside and outside of unit with clean towel.
  8. Leave fridge and freezer doors open.
  9. Leave it in your room for collection when you check out.

To view a "how to video" please select the following link:

MicroChill Cleaning Video


Refrigerators that are not cleaned by the user will be charged a $40.00 cleaning fee. Please ensure you place your cleaned drip tray in the microwave, or freezer or we will assume it has not been cleaned.


Units NOT in rooms provided on your account will be charged a $50.00 improper check-out fee. If you have moved, you MUST notify us by email CS@Collegeproducts.com.

Loft Check-Out Instructions

  • Leave loft in the room, we will pick up after you have left campus.
  • Shelves must be cleaned thoroughly. If they are not clean, a charge will be assessed.
  • Knobs must remain in the loft. Missing knobs are $5.00 each.
  • Remove all stickers, tape, decals

Please contact with any additional questions.