Check Out Policy

To properly check out of your room:

  • Make an appointment with your building staff. It is your responsibility to contact the building staff in advance to set up an appointment.
  • Remove all of your belongings from your room.
  • Put all trash in proper containers.
  • Clean and sweep out your room.
  • Clear walls of all posters, stickers, and tape.
  • Request the residence hall staff to check your room for cleanliness and damages.
  • Return all keys to the building staff checking you out.
  • Sign your Check-in/Check-out form.

To complete an express check-out: 

Please note that express check-out is only an option when authorized by your hall director. 

  1. Ensure that all personal property has been removed from your assigned space.
  2. Wipe down surfaces, sweep your floor, and dispose of trash in the designated trash areas. This includes any common areas in suite- and apartment-style spaces, such as bathrooms, living rooms, and kitchens.
  3. Return your furniture to its original location.
  4. If you have a lofted bed, place the original bedframe underneath the lofted bed.
  5. Visit the front desk of your residence hall.
  6. Request an “Express Checkout Envelope.”
  7. Enter the requested information on the Express Checkout Envelope.
  8. Place your key(s) in the Express Checkout Envelope.
  9. Seal the Express Checkout Envelope.
  10. Return the Express Checkout Envelope to the front desk of your residence hall.

Failure to follow the above procedures will result in charges applied to your account:

  • Failure to turn in keys at the posted checkout will result in a $90-150 charge against your university account.
  • Failure to move all personal belongings out of your room at the designated checkout date and time will result in a $50-150 charge.
  • Failure to check out properly will result in a $75-100 charge.
  • Additional charges will be made against your university account for damages to the room or its contents and for failure to clean the room properly.

Notice: Any items left in your room after official closing of the halls will result in those items being discarded. The university maintains no responsibility for any items left in the building after the official check out date.

Abandoning Property

Any items left behind after move-out will be considered abandoned property and will be discarded. The university assumes no responsibility for abandoned property in the residence halls. Public areas are not intended for storage of personal belongings. Staff will warn the resident to return the personal items to his/her room. If the resident continues to leave items in public areas, the items will be considered abandoned property and removed or disposed of by the staff.

Damage to Student Rooms/Apartments and Public Areas

Student rooms and furnishings must be returned to their original condition at the end of the license period or whenever a student moves out. If a room requires restoration or repair before it can be assigned to another student, the cost of the work will be billed to the immediate past residents of the room. The work may include painting, repair to walls and ceilings and the repair or replacement of furnishings. When a student moves into any room, he/she will complete with the staff a Room Condition Report (RCR) indicating the condition of the room at move-in. Students should carefully examine their rooms and make certain that the RCR for their rooms are accurate. When students move out of their rooms, an RA will check the rooms again and note any changes in the condition of the rooms on the same RCR. If discrepancies occur, students will then be charged for the cost of returning rooms to the original condition.

When hallways, bathrooms, elevators, and other public areas in a residence hall receive undue abuse, the residents of that area are expected to aid in finding the person(s) responsible. Building staff may also require all the residents of the area to assist with clean up, including during late-night hours and even if residents are asleep. In the event of such occurrences, the Housing Office may issue suspension of visitation privileges.

Special Circumstance Request

Most residence halls close during the summer. The time for closing is 10am the day after finals, unless stated otherwise. Requests to stay in your room are granted for up to 24 hours after the hall closes. These closings are necessary due to lack of staff and the need for cleaning and maintenance during these periods. Specific checkout times will be posted prior to all hall closings. If you have a conflict with these posted checkout times, please submit an extension request in the Housing Portal. You will be billed for any additional time spent in the residence hall past the determined checkout date and time. Staying past an approved extension date and time will result in charges against your university account. Once you set up a checkout time with your residence hall staff, you will be permitted to reschedule only once.

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