Housing Assignments Procedures

Abandoning Property

Residents who leave without checking out properly with building staff and/or leave personal items behind will be notified that these items will be discarded after a certain date.  The University assumes no responsibility for abandoned property in the residence halls.  Public areas are not intended for storage of personal belongings.  Staff will warn the resident one time to return the personal items to her/his apartment.  If the resident continues to leave items in public areas, the items will be considered abandoned property and removed or disposed of by the staff.


Penalties will apply to all cancellations. Appeal for refunds and/or reductions may be sent to the Appeal Committee, should the student choose to appeal.  Residents who are cancelled are denied access to the facility and are required to pay the cost of changed locks.  Please see the full Cancellation Policy for further information.

Criminal and Student Conduct Record

We reserve the right to deny, cancel or remove, from University Housing and at the cost of the student, individuals who provide false information as part of the application process, individuals with documented history of violent behavior, and/or individuals whose history or behaviors demonstrate an inability to function within a community environment of the residence halls.  We further reserve the right to verify any information provided by applicants that is available on public record.

Enrollment Status

Students residing on campus are expected to maintain enrollment in at least one credit hour of classes. University Housing may cancel, at the cost of the student, a student’s residence hall agreement for dropping below one credit hour, once we are made aware of the change. Please note: Participation in the ULTRA program through JCTC does not make a student eligible for UofL Housing. ULTRA students are invited to look into our Affiliated Properties, but cannot live in an on-campus residence hall.

Financial Status

Students residing on campus are expected to maintain good standing with the University, including being in good financial standing.  Students must pay their tuition, fees, housing, and meal plan charges to the University Bursar’s Office.  Students who have not paid all or a portion of the aforementioned to the University will be subject to cancellation, removal, and/or limitation on future assignments from University Housing, at the cost of the student.

Finals Week Move-Out

All residents are expected to move out of their residence hall within twenty-four (24) hours of completing their last final for the semester.  Those residents who violate residence hall policies during finals week will face immediate conduct action and may be asked to leave the hall immediately.  The housing license agreement expires twenty-four (24) hours after the completion of the student’s last examination of the spring semester unless granted an extension by the Housing Office.

Right to Assign, Relocate and Remove

The University reserves the right to make assignments of space, to authorize or deny room and roommate changes, to consolidate vacancies, and to require a student to move from one room or University Housing residence hall to another.  A student’s past conduct record as a resident or involvement with law enforcement agencies may cause their application for housing to be denied or canceled, prior to its beginning date and may cause their housing to be relocated or cancelled, at the cost of the student, during the assignment period.  Should you have a specific request, it must be included on the original application.  Students who desire to room together should file applications together.

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