psychology professor and students smiling outdoors


In partnership with the Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences, the Psychology LLC brings together students who want to pursue a career in psychology. The LLC focuses on helping students become connected to the department and the field of psychology. Students will receive help in structuring their educational and extra-curricular experiences to put themselves in a position to find and pursue a fulfilling career in psychology.

Location: Kurz Hall Suites

Advisors:  (First Year)


  • Opportunities to meet with and learn from psychology faculty outside of the classroom setting
  • Networking with UofL psychology alumni working in a variety of settings
  • Opportunities to learn about career options in psychology from faculty and community psychologists
  • Training in helping skills and mental health screening opportunities
  • Community engagement experiences with community agencies 
  • Psychology themed social events

Who can apply?

  • For First Year LLC: Any incoming first-year student majoring in Psychology. Students must enroll in the courses listed below. 

Required Courses

First Year Students

  • Fall: PSYC 201, Introduction to Psychology  
  • Spring: PSYC 311, Preparation for Careers in Psychology 
  • Students who have received AP credit for PSYC 201 will enroll in PSYC 308, Foundations of Psychopathology.