Health Sciences (Dental Hygiene, Nursing, Public Health) LLC

on the left image, students are standing in front of Shumaker Research Building and smiling. on the right image, students are engaging in an activity around campus


In partnership with the Health Sciences Center, the Health Sciences LLC brings together students wishing to pursue a career in Dental Hygiene, Nursing and Public Health. This community fosters exploration of these designated health science careers through courses, programming, services, and connections to campus and community resources.

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Location: Community Park

Advisors:  (Dental Hygiene),  (Nursing), and  (Public Health)


  • Opportunities to meet with faculty and upperclassmen outside of the classroom setting.
  • Academic programming outside of the classroom designed to assist you in becoming a more confident, well rounded, and successful student.
  • Social activities to assist you in networking with UofL community members, other students within your major, as well as health-science students in related majors, and faculty.
  • Pre-registered, shared course blocks to build academic community within the group.
  • Major specific programming provided to help expand your understanding of academic and career pathways.
  • Opportunity to build a small support group within your major and career interest area.

Who can apply?

  • Incoming first-year students admitted into either Dental Hygiene, Nursing lower division or Public Health majors.
    • Priority given to first generation college students.
    • Students who are committed to attending scheduled programming outside of the classroom.
    • Students who are interested in genuine engagement with peers, faculty and staff.
    • Students who are participating in Metro College Program or Cardinal Academy summer program should not apply.

Required Courses

  • Contact the advisors listed above for your respective major.