Creating a New Living-Learning Community or Themed Community

Interested in starting a Living-Learning Community or Themed Community?

We are happy to invite Academic Departments and campus offices to partner with University Housing in creating a Living-Learning Community (LLC) and/or Themed Community (TC).

To start, here is how we define LLC & TCs:

“Living-Learning Communities (LLC) and Themed Communities (TC) are residential programs that allow a diverse group of students who share a common focus (academic or interest-based) to live and form a community together. Students participate in shared courses and programs, such as service projects, speakers, opportunities to meet with faculty members and staff, and fun activities to form lifelong friendships. LLCs and TCs are collaborations between University Housing and academic departments and offices, designed to foster academic and personal growth.”

We encourage potential partners to explore all communities that are currently housed in our residence halls. To do so, visit the Living Learning and Themed Community Webpage.

Once potential partners have a better understand about LLC/TCs, we provided a few questions to consider prior to creating a community:

  • Which student population is your target audience? (Major-specific, interest-based, etc.)
  • Who would be leading the efforts of your proposed community? (Faculty/staff)
  • Which academic and/or on-campus resource would be associated with your community?
  • What would the goal of your proposed community be?

Now that you are familiar with what it takes to create a Living Learning and/or Themed Community, and remain interested, please complete the Creating a Living-Learning and/or Themed Community Form.

If you have any additional questions prior to completing the form, you may contact Catherine Wibbels, Assistant Director for Resident Learning, at .