Laundry Services

We at Campus Housing consistently strive to keep our halls updated for our residents. Hearing the voice of our students and the UofL Residence Hall Association we have partnered with a new laundry vendor. Phasing in this new program transitioned us to pay services. To assist with the ease and convenience of this change, complimentary laundry was provided until the Smartphone app - Wash Alert - was available. The switch to pay services will begin on January 8, 2018.

This new opportunity and partnership has allowed us to make the following changes already:

  • New and updated washers and dryers in all community laundry rooms
  • Additional equipment to improve ratio for student access
  • New laundry room aesthetics including attractive and durable seating and folding tables
  • Dedicated technicians available on both weekdays and weekends!
    • General service response time within 8 hours
    • Emergency service response time within 4 hours

The FREE Smartphone app - Wash Alert - will be available to download from your app store (both iOS and Google Play). The app will allow you to:

  • Pay for your laundry by connecting to a debit/credit card (yours/parents/guardians)
    • Coins will also be accepted
    • Cost will be $1.50 per wash and dry
  • The ability to see machine(s) availability
  • View occupied machines and exact time remaining until the end of the cycle
  • Add additional time to your drying cycle
    • To add additional dry time to your drying cycle, open your Wash Alert app on your smartphone. You can charge 25 cents to your account, and 10 minutes will be added to the dry time. You can also insert one (1) quarter in to the coin slot of the dryer.
  • Request an email or text alert when your laundry is complete
  • Report broken machines and request refunds
    • All refunds will be processed within 72 hours to your Wash Alert account

We will post as soon as possible on when you are able to download Wash Alert along with more information about the further implementation of this change.

We appreciate your patience during the phasing of this program. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to us at 502-852-6636, or via online chat from the front page of our website!