Campus Accommodations

Admission Information

Information regarding University of Louisville admissions



Group leaders are responsible for making the room and roommate assignments for the participants. These should be submitted 14 business days prior to your arrival. If you should have any questions or concerns on this, please do not hesitate to ask your Conference Coordinator.


The University of Louisville has a limited number of audio-visual equipment and display supplies that can be rented for a small fee if meeting at the Student Activity Center or the Red Barn.

Classrooms/Meeting Space

Classroom and Meeting Space in the Student Activity Center can be obtained by submitting a request. For other locations please work with your Conference Coordinator.

Dining Services

The Ville Grill is the most common location for summer conference dining. Although not required, food and beverage arrangements can be made online. Dining Services offers a wide variety of other eating facilities located throughout the campus.

Parking Services

Information about parking can be found at


We advise you to make reservations well in advance of your conference through our Conference Reservation Request form. Many of our facilities are booked one year in advance.


Groups are usually housed in the same Residence Hall, although this is not always the case. The location in floor or wing may vary with style of housing. It is the responsibility of the group leader inform us of roommate pairings.


We also staff every residence hall with a security staff from midnight until 8 a.m. If conferences desire additional security, they need to work through a special contract request with our staff.

Staff Availability

There will be conference staff assigned to each residence hall, as well as a conference staff member on call to help your conference groups with any problems, lockouts, or needs that arise.  Staff are available twenty-four hours a day.

Student Recreation Center

Further information can be found at

Swimming Pool/Natatorium

More information about the natatorium can be found at