What is Consent?

  • Informed– Can your partner make a clear decision about sex? Remember that silence is not a yes, and if they are unsure about participating, they are not consenting.  If someone is drinking, they may not be able to make an informed decision.   A general rule is if someone is too drunk to drive they are not able to clearly consent to sexual activity.
  • Enthusiastic– The research is clear. The most enjoyable sexual experiences involve mutual desire and respect, whether it’s a hookup or a committed relationship.  Keeping communication lines open, being tuned into your partner verbally and non-verbally, will ensure you both enjoy your shared experience.
  • Continuous– Just because someone consents to one sexual activity does not mean they consent to other activities. It’s important to check in with your partner regularly. Remember, everyone has a right to change their mind.   And just because your partner wanted to engage in sexual activity one time, it doesn’t mean they’ll want to again.